The official blog of KR Training, Karl Rehn Music and Karl Rehn.

That means it has lots of content about guns, shooting, firearms training and related topics, some content about music (performing, composing and recording), and other posts that are more personal outside those main topics.

On the shooting side, I started competing in 1988, started offering classes in 1991, and have been an active competitor, instructor and student of top tier trainers ever since.  The long version of my credentials in that area is here.

On the music side, I started guitar lessons at age 5 and piano lessons at age 6, played my first gigs for money in my late teens, was playing clubs on Austin’s 6th Street 2-3 nights a week when I was 19 and have been some level of semi-pro performing & recording musician since 1984.  The music website has links to all my output: CDs for sale online, youtube and soundcloud channels, tracks you can download and so on.

I have comments turned off.  If you want to chat about the posts here, visit the KR Training Facebook Page, or my personal Facebook page.  Adult, professional, in depth discussion with people that have sufficient experience and expertise to comment intelligently is welcomed, but rarely, if ever, occurs in the comments section of any blog.



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