KR Training June 2024 Newsletter


We have added more classes to the schedule but are still finalizing Sept-Dec class plans. Waiting for a particular class? Let us know and we’ll try to find a date for it in our remaining open dates!


Temperatures are up. Gas and ammo prices are up. It’s an election year, with great potential for unrest and street violence before, during and after the November election. Elections often lead to mass buying panics and price increases. Most of our remaining summer classes are morning short courses. Make July the month you get tuned up and trained up and ready for whatever the fall may bring.

Paul Martin, Caleb Causey and I are going to offer a 2 day training block Jan 4-5, 2025 for Paul’s 11th annual preparedness training conference. The training will include live fire, medical, night vision and lecture material assessing the situation after the 2024 election dust has settled. Space in that training will be limited and it will be not available in a virtual or recorded format post-event.

Upcoming classes with space available:



Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
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Church and School Security Training

We are offering multiple weekday and weekend courses specific to church and school security. These are mainly intended for church security team members and armed school staff trained under the Guardian program, but they are open to anyone that wants to learn skills appropriate for an individual defender dealing with an active shooter or other violent threat. The weekend courses, taught by Doug Greig, are part of the Palisades Training Group’s Church Security program. The weekday classes, taught by Karl Rehn, are Guardian program classes.

Armed Citizen Carbine & Skill Builder Rifle Diagnostics

Doug Greig continues our popular series of rifle/carbine courses with Armed Citizen Defensive Carbine Essentials (a basic/intermediate class) on July 21, and his new Skill Builder Rifle Diagnostics course on July 28. That small group class will feature video analysis of each student’s shooting for detailed, in depth coaching to maximize performance.

Home Defense Shooting Skills / Basic Pistol 1 & 2 – July 6

July 6 offers multiple classes suitable for beginners, new gun owners, people needing to complete the range part of their License to Carry permit training, and those mainly concerned with in-home defensive skills.

Basic Pistol 1 and Basic Pistol 2 will run in parallel in the morning, and our basic level Home Defense Shooting Skills class applies those fundamentals to the common tasks of home defense: accessing a gun from a table or locked box quickly, moving to cover, verbal challenges, shooting under stress. The Home Defense class can be taken with a pistol, carbine, rifle or shotgun or multiple guns can be used during the course. Graduates of Basic 1 and Basic 2 are both eligible and encouraged to attend the Home Defense Shooting Skills course, which can be taken with pistol, rifle, or shotgun.


I have collected up all the discount codes we have set up with vendors we recommend. Alumni of KR Training classes will find them in the monthly e-news email. You’ll have to open the email and scroll to the bottom to find them. It’s a reward for actually opening and reading the email!


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.


Re-take any class you’ve taken before for half price! Contact me to get the alumni discount code. Firearms skills deteriorate without practice. Most ranges don’t allow drawing from a holster, shooting quickly, moving or shooting from cover. If you don’t practice the skills you learned in class, they won’t be there when you need them.


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Midnight Express performed a big show at the Palace Theater in downtown Bryan in June. Our 11 piece band covers rock and R&B songs from the 60’s to the current era, featuring a 5 piece horn section and multiple vocalists. Here’s a sampler of fan-shot video from that show, enhanced with soundboard pro quality audio.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team