Skeeter Skelton on Point Shooting (1968)

From my historical handgun research team, a 1968 Shooting Times article from Texan Skeeter Skelton on point shooting with a revolver. By 1965, Jeff Cooper had already started the revolution, advocating two handed, aimed fire, but the mainstream writers working for the mass market gun publications were still talking about the old ways. Note that the gathering of handgunners for this particular event included legendary shooters Bill Jordan, Harlon Carter and Charles Askins.

Back in 1968 the only way to try out these point shooting techniques was either to dryfire at a full length mirror (a technique advocated by Jelly Bryce), or find a safe place (such as a large Texas ranch) where stray unaimed rounds were unlikely to leave the property or harm people. The hip shooters of cowboy fast draw use wax bullets propelled by primers fired at large steel targets. Typically these are handloaded by the shooter, which requires reloading equipment.

In the current era, laser cartridges and laser-firing training guns, such as the SIRT pistol, or Airsoft guns, can be used by the curious gunslinger to try their hand at these vintage techniques. Developing some skill at point shooting can be fun, but bringing the gun to the eye target line and using the sights produces much better and consistent results.