Applegate’s House of Horrors (1945)

From my historical handgun research team: a 1945 NRA article written by Lt. Col. Rex Applegate describing the floorplan and training conducted in his shoot house. The shoot house included multiple scenarios with 3D targets, props, blank firing guns simulating return fire, audio cues and other elements to provide a realistic simulation.

Advocates of Applegate’s point shooting techniques should note that out of 24 rounds fired in the shoot house, Applegate was pleased to point out that his training improved their hit ratio from 4 out of 24 to 8 out of 24 – a hit ratio of 33% on targets closer than 10 feet. The students in his training were all shooters who scored Marksman or Expert with the .45 pistol — but that shooting was done on a 24″ wide bullseye target at 15, 25 and 50 yards. Applegate’s data doesn’t really show the success of his technique as much as the failure of traditional one handed bullseye to develop skills for close range combat shooting…and the failure of his unaimed/unsighted fire techniques to elevate performance even to the 50% hit ratio level.

The gun used in the shoot house, according to Applegate, was the Colt Service Ace .22. More info about that gun in the video below.