A-Zone Range Maintenance

We built the KR Training A-Zone Range back in 2001, with grand opening on 02/02/02.  Pics and info from the grand opening event are still saved on the archive.krtraining.com site.

After 16 years of regular use on the range, we had the lead from the berms extracted, and the berm faces rebuilt.

We pulled more than 10,000 lbs of lead out of the berms.  A few years ago, a group of reloaders extracted about 1500 lbs using shovels and manual labor.  At 7000 grains per pound, that’s over 80 million grains of lead, over 650,000 rounds fired over the past 16 years.  That’s not counting the rounds fired on steel targets that fragmented, or the rounds fired into side berms and in the shoothouse bay that we didn’t extract.

After the lead extraction was complete, we added some erosion control barriers (railroad ties) to keep the berm dirt from sliding back down.