Book Review – FBI Miami Gunfight (Mireles, 2017)

The 1986 gunbattle between two violent criminals and multiple FBI agents is the most analyzed and discussed shootout of the 20th century. The FBI’s decision to shift to 10mm handguns, which led to the creation of the .40 S&W caliber, and widespread law enforcement adoption of that caliber, was likely the biggest change that affected the entire gun culture directly linked to study of that incident.

Ed Mireles, Jr. was one of the FBI agents involved in that gunfight, and the one that ended the fight, shooting one handed after being wounded. After retiring from the FBI, he and his wife, FBI agent Elizabeth Mireles, wrote an account of the incident in their book; FBI Miami Firefight: Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau. The book can be purchased directly from his website. The book includes crime scene photos, drawings and other information, as well as the full story of the fight. The story starts with the FBI investigation into robberies and murders that led to identification and pursuit of the two criminals, ultimately leading to the gunfight.

Mireles’ book, along with W. French Anderson’s forensic analysis book, are the two essential reads related to the Miami gunfight. Mireles’ book is still in print and a less technical, more personal work. Highly recommended for all firearms trainers, law enforcement officers and all serious students of defensive shooting skills.

FBI agent Jerri Williams, in her Retired Agent Case File Review podcast, devoted two episodes to interviewing Agent Mireles about the incident.

Interview with Ed Mireles
Part 2

Even if you’ve read his book, hearing his discussion of the incident on the two podcast episodes is definitely worth a listen.

This video is one re-enactment of the incident, from a TV movie.

This video combines two FBI training films: one a re-enactment of the fight, and one that includes interviews with the surviving agents.