Book Review – Legal Boundaries By State (Concealed Carry.Com, 2021)

The folks at have released a new state-by-state gun law book called “Legal Boundaries by State”.

It’s available as a print book, but also as an e-book that comes with lifetime updates. In my opinion the e-book version is more useful. Load it into the reader app on your phone, and you will always have the handy updated reference available. There are websites that offer similar information, but I trust the folks at to get the information right and keep it up to date.


For each state, it provides a one page summary of current gun laws, in a simple, easy to follow format. Each of the categories shown in the sample page below are repeated for all 50 states.


Additional information provides a nice summary of all of these topics:

  • How to check a gun in luggage when flying
  • Article 926A of the Firearm Owner Protection Act
  • Proper Vehicle Firearm Storage
  • Hotels
  • Non-Resident Permits for Expanded Reciprocity
  • Traveling With Firearms in National Parks

It also includes tables with one line summaries for all states on these topics:

  • Duty to Notify Law Enforcement when carrying (traffic stop or other interaction)
  • Duty To Retreat
  • Carry in State Parks
  • Carry in Restaurants Serving Alcohol
  • Constitutional Carry
  • Campus Carry (Colleges)
  • Magazine Capacity Limitations
  • Open Carry
  • Suppressor Ownership

In less than 100 pages, this book provides a lot of useful information, particularly for those that travel across state lines on a regular basis. Order the print or e-book editions here.

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