February 2016 Scholastic Action Shooting Program match

On February 6th, 2016 I worked as a range officer for the  Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) Winter Regional match held in College Station each year.   The match is based on the classic Steel Challenge format: 5 plates, 5 runs, throw out the slowest run, fastest total time wins. One SASP stage called “Go Fast” is shown in the photo.

Go Fast stage

The biggest differences is that all the runs start from low ready instead of the holster, and the main awards are for 4 person teams.   The match is for young shooters, from 12 years old through undergraduate college age. It’s set up with multiple divisions for junior high, high school and college, and 9mm and .22 categories also.   It’s one of the events supported by the MidwayUSA Foundation.

Penny and I helped local IPSC shooter Kevin Jimmerson get the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit started in 2012, and with great support from TAMU, local shooters & ranges, gun industry sponsors, and a lot of hard work by the team members and coaches, the team now competes in 3-Gun, Scholastic Pistol, Trap & Skeet, and Practical Shooting, and hosts a big SASP match each year.

The match started with TAMU System Chancellor John Sharp making some opening remarks to the crowd, encouraging all those of high school age to consider attending Texas A&M University and joining the Corps of Cadets.  The Corps supported the match with cadets painting targets, managing traffic, and assisting with scoring. I had 3 cadets working for me on the stage I was running.  Parsons Mounted Calvary brought their ceremonial cannon out also.  The Texas State Rifle Association Foundation provided some financial support for the match, and TSRA President Doug DuBois spoke to the crowd after Chancellor Sharp.

This year’s match, held at the CCC Shooting Complex, was the biggest yet, with teams from all over the US: from Florida to Washington state, attending.


All 3 military academies sent teams and there were many Texas teams as well.



I really enjoy working youth shooting events. It’s great to see all the young competitors handling their guns safely and responsibly, shooting fast and looking good.   The future of our gun rights depend on them. When politicians and pundits talk about all the problems with “kids and guns” – they’ve never met these young men and women.

The TAMU team beat the Army, Navy and Air Force academy teams.  There were a lot of winners in the different divisions (centerfire and rimfire, junior, senior and college).  The match results are here for those that want all the details.



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