Gear upgrades, December 2020

I made a few upgrades to the Glock 48 I carry daily.

Holosun 507C-GR-X2

I replaced the Trijicon RMR with the new Holosun 507C-Gr-X2. The sight is the latest design from Holosun. Same footprint as the RMR, with a smaller green dot and the new X2 features. The X2 has a better auto adjust, with the ability to lock out the side intensity controls to prevent them from being accidentally bumped, if the sight is left in manual adjust mode. Like the older 507C and 507C-v2 it has the option to run a dot or the circle-dot reticle, which I find a little faster on close targets.

Johnny Glock G48 trigger

On the recommendation of John Holschen of West Coast Armory North (Everett, WA), I purchased a drop in carry grade trigger assembly from JohnnyGlocks. I had trained a lot with John when he was teaching for InSights Training (Seattle), and hosted him in Texas for many classes over the past 30 years. The JohnnyGlocks trigger is put together as a full assembly that’s super easy to drop in. It comes with a variety of springs so you can do some tuning on it. I didn’t change any springs, just installed it in my gun, and it gave a nice 4.5 lb carry grade trigger, with nice takeup and excellent break. I’ve tried replacing connectors and other parts in other Glocks in the past, but never got a trigger that felt as good to me as the full drop in assembly.

Rangemaster December 2020 Drill of the Month

With ammo in short supply, I’ve cut way back on the amount of live fire practice that I’m doing, and being super busy playing music this month, I’ve done very little dry fire.

The December 2020 Rangemaster December 2020 Drill of the Month is the Baseline Skills Assessment Drill. Use a B-8 repair center, FBI-IP-1 bullseye, or the bullseye on an LTT-1 target, scored as printed. This drill is intended to be shot cold, from concealed carry.

5 yards Draw and fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds, using both hands.

5 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready, in dominant hand only. Fire 3 rounds in 3 seconds.

5 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready, in non-dominant hand only. Fire 2 rounds in 3 seconds.

7 yards Start gun in hand, loaded with 3 rounds only. Fire 3 rounds, conduct an empty gun reload, and fire 3 more rounds, all in 10 seconds.

10 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready. Fire 4 rounds in 4 seconds.

20 rounds total. Possible score = 200

Using the new sight and new trigger, I shot a 199, with the one 9-ring shot occurring on the first strong hand only shot at 5 yards.

I had shot the same drill in early December, only scoring 195. Given my lack of practice I’m going to credit the improvement to the better trigger and smaller dot on the Holosun sight.

Noisefighters Gel Pads

I also upgraded the worn out ear pads on my Pro Ears Gold earmuffs with Noisefighter gel pads.

I had purchased a set of these to repair a set of loaner Howard Leight “Impact” muffs, and started using that headset for some of my practice. I liked them enough to choose them instead of the ProEars factory replacement for the ear pads. As someone that wears hearing protection 120+ days a year on the range, often for 8-10 hours at a time, comfort is important.

Rudy Project RX lenses

Back in 2017 I spent a lot of time picking out new shooting glasses, and chose the Rudy Project Rydon frames with their photochromic lenses. I wrote a long blog post about it here. Over the last 4 years those lenses saw daily use, and this summer a hot .45 ACP case coming out of student’s gun smacked into one of the lenses hard enough to scratch it. My eyes are also 4 years older and my prescription changed. So I have new lenses coming for those frames, due to arrive early January. I dug out my old Oakley prescription glasses and have been wearing them, waiting on the Rudy lenses to arrive. All the glasses were set up for monovision, with dominant (left eye) corrected for front sight distance, and right eye corrected for driving. I have regular glasses set up that way also. This article from the Truth About Guns website, including information about an eye doctor in the Austin area who understands how to set up glasses for monovision, is a good read. (Like the author of that article, I use over the counter reading glasses for anything requiring focus closer than front sight distance.)

I have one more “new” item coming in: custom grips for my Uberti .45 Colt sixgun, in #12 Curly Walnut from Joe Perkins of Classic Single Action grips. I’ve been on his wait list since October 2019, and I shipped my gun to him in early November for the grips to be hand fit to it. It’s also due to arrive in early January.