KR Training August 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training August newsletter!  Upcoming highlights include Historical Handgun, a Basic 2/Defensive Pistol 1 combo, a Beyond Basics/Competition Pistol combo, and a late August Basic Pistol 1/Personal Tactics Skills combo for those just getting started in our program.

Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list.

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50% price refresher slots available in all courses.  If you haven’t practiced the skills you learned in class in awhile, fall refresher slots are a great option.

Deal #1)  August 26th Basic Pistol 1 + Personal Tactics Skills $100 ($35 savings)

Deal #2) August 26th BRING A FRIEND!  Two slots in Personal Tactics Skills for $80 ($40 savings)

Deal #3)  Sept 9th Basic Pistol 2 + Defensive Pistol Skills 1  $160 ($40 savings)

Deal #4) Sept 23rd Beyond Basics Handgun + Competition Pistol 1  $160 ($40 savings)

Deal #5) Sept 24th Handgun Coaching + License To Carry $100 ($30 savings)

Deal #6) Sept 30th (Any 2) Basic Pistol 1 + Gun Selection Clinic OR Shooting Skills, Gun Cleaning and Maintenance $110 ($20 savings)

Deal #7) Sept 30th (All 3) Basic Pistol 1 + Gun Selection Clinic + Shooting Skills, Gun Cleaning and Maintenance $150 ($35 savings)

For all deals – must pay in full in advance.


August 12th – Historical Handgun 1/2 day preview (Rehn) & Reloading Clinic (indoors!) (Rehn)
August 19th  – Handgun Coaching (Howard) Gun Cleaning and Maintenance (Howard)
August 26th – Basic Pistol 1 (Daub)/Advanced Training 6 (Rehn) & Personal Tactics Skills (indoors!) (Rehn)
August 27th – Defensive Knife Clinic (indoors!) w/ Chuck Rives

September 9 – Basic Pistol 2 / Defensive Pistol Skills 1 (Rehn)
September 16 – Historical Handgun 1 day (Rehn)
September 23 – Beyond Basics Handgun / Competition Pistol 1 (Rehn)
September 24 – Handgun Coaching / License To Carry (Rehn)
September 30 – Basic Pistol 1 / Gun Selection Clinic (Daub)
September 30 – Shooting Skills, Gun Cleaning and Maintenance (Rehn)

Register here.


The 4th session of the biannual Paul-E-Palooza training conference is coming up August 19-20, in Garrettsville, OH.  KR Training has one slot we are giving away to any student that can attend and provide us with photos, video, and other info from the event that we can share on our blog and social media pages.  The scholarship is still unclaimed, so contact me to claim the free slot, which is a $300 value.


I have developed a new program called Historical Handgun, teaching the history of handgun training and skills, 1935-present. The full course is a 2 day program that I’ll start offering in 2018, at the A-Zone and on the road.  I’ll offer a 1/2 day preview of the shooting part of the class on August 12th, and a 1 day preview on Saturday Sept 16.  Students that attend either of the preview courses will also get credit that can be used toward slots in the 2 day version I’ll offer spring 2018.


Personal Tactics Skills is a 3 hour course that teaches the non-shooting skills essential to avoiding common mistakes in common armed citizen situations.  Being good at shooting is not enough to avoid making errors in tactics, decision making and communication.   There is much more to “self defense” training than marksmanship and gunhandling.  Here’s an AAR from a 2011 session of this course.   If you haven’t taken Advanced Training 2 because you don’t feel ‘ready’ for Simunition or Airsoft force on force training, this class is for you.  It’s also perfect for couples or friends to learn the basics of team tactics.  We are offering a Bring a Friend option – 2 slots for $80, which is a $40 savings.


Chuck Rives will return for a 5 hour knife clinic, suitable for students at all levels.  It will be conducted indoors in the cool, comfortable AC.


In July, John Daub attended a 2 day Dark Angel Medical course. In August, all the KR Training instructors certified to teach the License to Carry course will attend refresher training at the DPS academy.  In September, Karl will attend the School Safety Instructor certification course at the DPS academy, joining Paul Martin and Tina Maldonado as KR Training staff certified to teach this new state course.  In October, Karl will take a 2 day Vehicle Defense course taught by John Farnam in Victoria, Texas.   It’s important for trainers to continue to learn and improve by taking courses from others.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team