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Welcome to the KR Training August 2019 newsletter!

It’s training season. Sign up now for any classes on the schedule by clicking the “Register” link at the top of the page. Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list of upcoming classes.


September is shaping up to be a busy month. KR Training Assistant Instructor Tracy Thronbug is leading a MAG-20 Range September 7-8. Massad Ayoob will teach MAG-20 Classroom September 14-15. Both have sold out but we are running a wait list.

I’ll be heading to the Public Safety Training Center in Clackamas, OR, to teach Correcting Common Shooting Errors September 10, then I’m off to the Firearms Academy of Seattle to teach a two-day Tactical Scenarios class September 14-15. September 17, I’m back in Clackamas to teach Advanced Training 6, then finally back to the A-Zone Range where John Daub and I will finish out a full month of training classes while we prepare for a busy October. I travel to Georgia in late October to teach live fire and force on force courses for Lee Weems’ First Person Safety academy.


Twice a year we run a special combination of classes in our Defensive Pistol Skills program: three classes back to back on Saturday, and more recently we’ve added two classes on Sunday, to make a full weekend of training October 5-6. All three of the Saturday classes are required to earn the challenge coin. Those three are Defensive Pistol Skills 2 (live fire), Advanced Training 2 Scenarios (force-on-force), and Low-Light Shooting 1 (live fire and force-on-force).

Returning to train with us this fall will be the guys from Immersive Training Solutions, who will bring their video simulator. Students in each course will get one run in the simulator, so those staying for all three Saturday classes you’ll get three simulator runs mixed in with the other activities. The complete training program for Saturday covers a wide range of skills, taught by multiple trainers in small-group sessions.

The Sunday class, AT-5 Tactics Laboratory, is similar to the ECQC course taught by Craig Douglas, with Dave Reichek leading the instruction. Dave has worked as a Shivworks role player for multiple sessions led by Craig at Rangemaster Tactical Conferences, and both Karl and Dave have taken the ECQC course multiple times. Our AT-5 course is a lower intensity introduction to the ECQC style of training. (We highly recommend Shivworks’ ECQC course and our course is NOT a substitute for the full class taught by Craig and his team.)

Finishing out the weekend is Low Light Shooting 2, providing students opportunity for more shoot house (indoor red gun and outdoor live fire) work and more challenging drills shot in low light.

Registration is open now for all classes on our schedule, including:


I am available for private lessons on weekdays until Nov 1. Contact me to schedule.

2020 Rangemaster Tactical Conference – Time to get registered!

Coming up March 27-29, 2020, is the 22nd annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference. The event usually sells out months in advance. It is not too early to get serious about registering, and shame on you if you don’t attend when this event is happening in Texas! Tac-Con was the original training conference and is still the best with an outstanding lineup of instructors.

In three days of training, dozens of well-known trainers will conduct two-hour and four-hour blocks of instruction in handgun, shotgun, empty-hand skills, emergency medical and trauma care, legal issues, defensive tactics, and much more. There are classroom and live-fire sessions, and hands-on topics. Trainers include Tom Givens, Lynn Givens, Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Craig “Southnarc” Douglas, Chris Cerino, Gabe White, Cecil Burch, Tatiana Whitlock, Karl Rehn, Wayne Dobbs, Darryl Bolke, John Hearne, William Aprill, Caleb Causey, and many more. Attendees may participate in as many training blocks as time allows over three full days of training. There is also a defensive pistol match. Your conference registration fee covers attendance at any training block and entry in the pistol match. This is the 22nd year for this event, and we’re excited to come to the Dallas area for the first time. We’ll be using the excellent facilities of the Dallas Pistol Club, in Carrollton, Texas. Tac-Con fills several months in advance every year, so please don’t delay. Detailed information, equipment lists, lodging info, etc. will be sent to registered attendees by email.


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Karl, Penny and the KR Training team