KR Training December 2023 Newsletter


November and early December was busier than expected, with weekday & weekend classes training armed teachers from 5 different school districts. 2023 was a busy one for KR Training, with more than 1000 student registrations for courses, 140+ days on the range for staff, teaching classes at the A-Zone and host ranges in Nebraska and Louisiana. I managed to earn multiple new instructor certifications, including First Responder Instructor (DPS), Red Dot Instructor (Modern Samurai Project), Texas Law Enforcement Firearms instructor (TCOLE/Cornerstone Performance), Sure Fire Surgical Speed Shooting instructor (SureFire/Andy Stanford).

Even though January is not the best for live fire training, we have schedule a few live fire classes and many other indoor, weatherproof training opportunities. We still have some weekends open in March-May, so more classes will be added to the calendar. Waiting for a particular class? Let us know and we’ll try to find a date for it in the spring when shooting weather is perfect!


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.


Re-take any class you’ve taken before for half price! Contact me to get the alumni discount code. Firearms skills deteriorate without practice. Most ranges don’t allow drawing from a holster, shooting quickly, moving or shooting from cover. If you don’t practice the skills you learned in class, they won’t be there when you need them.


Upcoming Texas classes with space available:





Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
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Home Defense Shooting Skills / Personal Tactics Skills – Jan 13

On Jan 13 we are offering a pair of courses that are the essentials for the armed citizen that has a firearm at home or in their vehicle for personal defense. Home Defense Shooting Skills is a 3 hour short course (100 rounds pistol, 20 rounds optional long gun) teaching skills for retrieving a gun from a lockbox or table, moving to cover and getting effective hits at home defense distances. It will include one run in the shoot house.

Personal Tactics Skills teaches situational decision making, pepper spray and tactics for specific common personal defense situations. There is more to successful defense than “have a gun”. This indoor lecture course includes interactive scenarios with inert pepper sprays and non-firing replica guns. The Personal Tactics Skills class is a required class for those wanting to earn their KR Training Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin. Students often ignore this valuable course until it’s the last one they need to finish the program: it’s actually designed to be one of the first courses students should take, since good decision making under stress may prevent the need to use a firearm or give the student an important tactical advantage should use of force or deadly force be required.

Who Wins, Who Loses (John Hearne) – Jan 19

Federal law enforcement officer John Hearne of Rangemaster and Two Pillars Training will be visiting Jan 19-21 to offer his one day indoor lecture course on “Who Wins, Who Loses…” on Friday and his two day Cognitive Pistol (sold out with a wait list) course on Jan 20-21. John’s lecture course is an information-rich presentation full of knowledge and insight into what training level and psychological characteristics are typical of those that succeed and survive in armed encounters. Suitable for armed citizens and law enforcement. John was a guest on the American Warrior Society podcast discussing this course.

Skip the Line – Franklin’s BBQ (Paul Martin) Jan 25

Every year Paul Martin organizes a “Skip the Line” event at Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, and KR Training donates books and class certificates to this event. All money raised goes to the Capital Area Food Bank, feeding hungry Central Texas residents. For these events, Franklins closes to the general public and ticket holders get to “skip the line”, getting a generous BBQ plate sampler without the typical 4+ hour wait to get in at Franklin’s BBQ.

Tickets are $300 and are available here.

Armed Citizen Carbine Fundamentals – Jan 27

Doug Greig will offer a full day Armed Citizen Carbine Fundamentals course suitable for students at all levels. Focus will be on application of the defensive carbine in realistic situations. This is the ideal class for new AR-15 owners that need instruction in basics of use, zeroing, maintenance and advice on upgrades.

First Aid CPR AED Bleeding Control – Jan 28

Doug Greig will offer a Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED and Bleeding Control course, indoors, on Jan 28th. Those that don’t need the Red Cross official certification can attend for $50. Official documentation from Red Cross adds another $45 to the class price. This meets workplace requirements for bi-annual CPR/AED recertification.


I have collected up all the discount codes we have set up with vendors we recommend. Alumni of KR Training classes will find them in the monthly e-news email. You’ll have to actually open the email and scroll to the bottom to find them. It’s a reward for actually opening and reading the email!

Glock 48 backstrap

After Sandstorm Tactical stopped making their Glock 43X/48 backstrap, nothing was available until recently. To get one of the new ones email wahrergriff at gmail. $25. I’ve found it makes a big difference for me in changing the way the gun points, which makes finding the dot on the presentation from ready or holster much easier.

Grip Keeper

I recently learned about a new grip product called the Grip Keeper. It’s a great tool for developing grip strength and finger independence. Tim Herron made a great Instagram video explaining how use it. KR Training’s discount code is “KRT” from the Grip Keeper Store


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I recently took a private video lesson with Rhett Neumayer of Demonstrated Concepts. He specializes in teaching how to do “deep carry” using the PHLster Enigma, where the gun sits below the belt line. Rhett is extremely fast from this position, but the real benefit of it is being able to minimize printing and carry with a tucked in shirt. Rhett’s online coaching was excellent and I recommend an online session with him for anyone wanting to explore deep carry skills.


Each November and December, one of the bands I’m in (The Texas T-Birds), puts on our holiday costume of Doc Tictock and the Mistletoe Medicine Show, and performs multiple shows each week at Santa’s Wonderland, the largest Christmas theme park in the US, located on 150 acres south of College Station, Texas. Last year the facility had more than 300,000 visitors, and since our stage is located by the entrance everyone passes through, a lot of people heard our music. Our cover of Alabama’s “Christmas in Dixie” is the song we use to close our show, and it features our 3 part vocal harmonies. The audio for the video was recorded to multitrack during one of our live shows. As with all the videos I share in this section of the newsletter, I do all the audio and video production. Give this great holiday song a listen!

Santa’s will be open through Dec 30. Austin’s Trail of Lights is small time compared to the 4.5 million lights in Santa’s hayride trail, plus it has a real snow hill for sledding, ice skating, walking trails, Santa, 4 stages of live entertainment, 7 restaurants, movie theater, fire pits for cooking smores and hotdogs, shops, wine and beer, and other activities. Truly a unique holiday experience worth the drive. (Our band plays Tues-Thursdays and I’ll be performing solo on the evening of Christmas Day.)


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Karl, Penny and the KR Training team