KR Training January 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training January 2018 newsletter!  Upcoming classes include Defensive Pistol 1 / Skill Builder Feb 10, Basic 2 / License To Carry Feb 11, and Unthinkable Feb 17-18.

Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list.

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On March 3rd we offer our biannual 3-in-1 training package: Defensive Pistol Skills 2 (live fire), Advanced Training 2 (scenarios), and Low Light Shooting 1.  These 3 courses are intended to be taken as a set, as they offer a mix of live fire, scenario and low light training in a single day.

Get a special package price for all 3 classes – $200 ($75 savings!) if you pay in full when you register.


On Feb 17-18 we are hosting the “Unthinkable” class taught by Caleb Causey (Lone Star Medics), William Aprill (Aprill Risk Consulting) and John Daub (KR Training)

This class combines medical training with lecture on the mindset and behavior of violent criminals and both live fire and force on force scenario training.  It’s an excellent choice for graduates of any of our Defensive Pistol courses, any of Caleb’s other medical courses, or those wanting to sample a variety of topics and experiences in a single weekend.

Register here.


I’m offering another session of the DPS-certified School Safety/Active Shooter response course, this time Mon-Tue, March 12-13, at the new Saddle River indoor range in Conroe, Texas. Saddle River is a 5-star NSSF-rated facility. I look forward to doing more classes there this spring and summer.

Here’s the AAR from the December session of this course.


March 21-25 we are hosting a session of Massad Ayoob’s “Level 2” class, MAG-80.  It’s a mix of handgun, long gun, and weapon retention skills.  Graduates of the full MAG-40 (both MAG-20 classroom and range) are eligible to attend.

Register here.




I’ll be on the road quite a bit this spring:  teaching classes in Oklahoma and Florida, presenting at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference and “A Girl and a Gun” National Conference, with more road trips planned for this summer.  As those plans get finalized I’ll get the KR Training schedule for classes May-August announced, probably in next month’s newsletter.


The KR Training schedule shows most of the classes we plan to offer through early May 2018. Registration is open in everything listed.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team