KR Training January 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training January 2019 newsletter! 

February classes are filling up quickly, and we’ve just added many classes to our March-June schedule! Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up now for any classes on the schedule. Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list of upcoming classes.

January has been a very busy month, with the 2 day Preparedness weekend, basic classes and a License to Carry course, and 2 days of training with Hock Hochheim.

Active Shooter Course Jan 26-27

Still to come in January is another session of the state-certified Active Shooter/School Safety class. Students can attend for 1/2 day, 1 day or the full 2 day course to get the state certification. Teachers attend for half price, school administrators, principals and school board members attend FREE.

On Sunday, Immersive Training Solutions will bring their video simulator out and all students in the course will get to run an active shooter scenario.


Basic Pistol 2 & Defensive Pistol 1 Feb 2

On February 2, John Daub will teach Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 while I’m off working the Scholastic Action Shooting regional match in College Station.

Defensive Pistol Skills 3 & Personal Tactics Skills – Feb 9

On Saturday, Feb 9, I’m teaching Defensive Pistol Skills 3, and Personal Tactics Skills (2 slots left in each course as of 1/23/2019). These two courses are part of our Defensive Pistol Skills coin program, and most of the students attending one or both courses will be completing the program and earning their coins that day.

M&P Gunsmithing Class with Hank Fleming Feb 10

Hank Fleming, who is an S&W armorer and full time gunsmith, will teach a special class on maintaining and upgrading M&P pistols on Sunday Feb 10 from 10-5. It will cover all the M&P variants (full size, compact, Shield, 1.0, 2.0, etc.). Class will be hands-on, with each student disassembling his/her gun, inspecting each part, learning what each part does, installing any aftermarket parts or new sights (BYO parts!), putting the guns back together and test-firing them on the range.

If there is enough interest we’ll offer this again, and/or do AR-15, 1911 and/or Glock classes later this year.


John Murphy of FPF Training hosted me back in October, for my Advanced and Historical Handgun courses, and he’s visiting KR Training in February. He’ll be offering two unique classes: Two Person Team Tactics on Saturday, and Vehicle Environment Skills on Sunday.

You don’t need a partner to sign up for the team tactics course. Students will work with many different partners during the course. The vehicle class will include live fire drills in and around a junked vehicle that we’ll be able to shoot into and out of.

John’s an excellent national level trainer. Here’s a sample of teaching style. It’s part 1 of a series of youTube videos he did about concealed carry.


On Saturday, February 23 I’ll be offering the one day version of my Historical Handgun class. 1/2 day lecture only and 1/2 day range only slots are also available. That course was featured in the current issue of American Handgunner, and will be featured on the January 30th episode of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. Historical Handgun is a fun class where you can shoot up to 4 different handgun types, using vintage techniques on classic courses of fire, and learn all about the important people, incidents, books, and other inflection points in the history of handgunning.

March and Beyond

We have so much going on there’s not room to include it all.

March 2 is our biannual triple-class day: Defensive Pistol Skills 2, AT-2 Scenarios and Low Light Shooting 1. Get 4 hours of live fire, 4 hours of scenarios and 3 hours of low light shooting all in one session. March’s session will include Immersive Training Solutions bringing their video simulator out for both the AT-2 and Low Light Shooting classes.

March also brings more sessions of Basic Pistol 2, Defensive Pistol Skills 1, Handgun Beyond Basics, and Long Gun Skill Builder.

Tracy Thronburg and Becky Dolgener will offer Ladies-only sessions of Basic Pistol 1 and Basic Pistol 2 on March 30th.

I’m teaching at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference in March, and multiple KR Training team members are teaching at the A Girl and a Gun national conference in April. Tom Givens is coming to teach a 1 day shotgun class, 2 days of pistol training, and a 2 day instructor conference in late April/early May.

And looking ahead to June, something big. We are partnering with Lone Star Medics to do a Medicine-X Alumni Event. 1.5 days of scenarios and training integrating firearms, tactics and medical skills, taught by 4 trainers: Karl Rehn (KR Training), Caleb Causey (Lone Star Medics), Dr. Sherman House and Eli Miller. We are also hosting a free DHS course taught by TEEX on the Thursday and Friday prior to the Medicine X event. The TEEX course teaches search and rescue skills for community volunteers.

The Med-X Alumni event is open to anyone that has any prior medical training, from any school.

Registration in the TEEX course and the Medicine-X Alumni Event are now open.


We have partnered with Point Blank CHL to offer a “blended” solution to Texas License to Carry training. That means students will take the 4 hour classroom training from Point Blank using their online course. Students registering with KR Training for the online course will get a one-time use discount code for the online class.  

Then, the range part of the LTC training can be completed by attending any of the handgun classes we offer, and shooting the LTC qualification test either during or after the class.

Some of our staff trainers will continue to offer the full in-person LTC course, and both the full and range-only LTC training will be available from Karl as private weekday training by appointment


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Registration is open for all classes on the KR Training schedule. Weekday private lessons are still available on a limited basis.

Thank you for sending your friends and family to train with us. Your referrals keep our classes full and help us continue to offer in-demand classes that specifically address the needs of responsible armed citizens. Remember, now you can train with even more purpose through the KR Training Defensive Pistol Skills Program. Start working to earn your coin now.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team

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