KR Training July 2023 Newsletter


We have finalized our schedule for the rest of 2023. All the classes we plan to offer through the end of 2023 are listed below. We are already working on winter/spring 2024 plans!


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.


Re-take any class you’ve taken before for half price! Contact me to get the alumni discount code. Firearms skills deteriorate without practice. Most ranges don’t allow drawing from a holster, shooting quickly, moving or shooting from cover. If you don’t practice the skills you learned in class, they won’t be there when you need them. Fall classes will have cooler weather – but they often sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to register!

Upcoming Texas classes with space available:





Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
Prices and registration links are at

Click HERE to register for any class.


Click HERE to register for any class.

Red Dot Level 2 – August 6 (4 hours)

If you have a red dot sight on your gun and want to shoot it better, the Red Dot Level 2 class is for you. Tricks and tips for finding the dot quickly as you draw, speeding up target transitions, better shooting at longer distances, and more. This is not a beginner class. It’s an intermediate level course intended for the skilled shooter that wants to improve. This class will be taught by USPSA Master Class Carry Optics division shooter Dave Reichek, who is also a red dot trainer certified by Modern Samurai Project and Aaron Cowan.

School and Church Safety – August 1-4

Summertime is teacher training time. I am offering another sequence of the 16 hour DPS-certified School Safety class. It can be attended by anyone with a Texas carry permit. Classes will be 8a-noon August 1-4. Total cost to attend is $225 for all 4 sessions. Contact me to enroll as spaces are limited. Those that do not want the state certification can attend fewer blocks at $75/day, but completion of block 1 or our DPS-1 course is required to attend blocks 3 and 4.

TAC MED EDC & The Explosive Threat – August

Both of these classes are indoors, in the AC. TacMedEDC is Lone Star Medics’ signature one day medical class for armed citizens. If you’ve taken it before, contact me to get your alumni 50% discount code! The Explosive Threat is a lecture from Greg Ellifritz, discussing improvised explosives – how to recognize and avoid them. 2024 could be a very dangerous, volatile year. There is more to “being prepared” than just having a gun, whether you carry and are proficient with it or not.

Gunfighting in Crowds – August 26

Doug Greig, in association with Palisades Training Group, is offering a session of their Gunfighting in Crowds course August 26. Students will participate in exercises and drills that require them to quickly and accurately assess the immediate area around them and then move rapidly into a better position that mitigates the risk to others not only around the attacker but the area around and behind him or her (especially true when they are with family members or friends). Emphasis is placed upon situational awareness, site assessment, movement into a better position if necessary, short-range surgical shot placement, and even exploitation of attacker expectations and control of the vertical plane of shots fired when over-penetration represents a major threat to others in close proximity to the attacker. Also covered in this class are actions that may reduce the chance that the student is mistakenly engaged by other concealed carriers and responding law enforcement.

Challenge Coin Classes – September and October

Trying to complete your classes to earn our Defensive Pistol Skills Program Challenge Coin? All the required courses are being offered in September and October, along with classes that count as electives.


Karl was on the “That Weems Guy” podcast with Steve Havey and Lee Weems, answering listener questions.

John was on the Evolution Security podcast talking about fitness, supplements, testosterone treatment and small revolvers

I was on Memphis Beech’s podcast in early July.

I also recorded an episode of the American Warrior Podcast with Rich Brown. It will come out in August.


All the articles you missed if you don’t follow the KR Training Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Video from Eric Wise’s Tactical Pistol course. Eric will be in September to teach another session of this class.


From July 1-4 the Black Cat Choir played multiple shows, including performing on a float in the Round Top 4th of July Parade (winning 2nd place in the Patriotic Division). The video is audio recorded July 1 paired with parade video and pictures and video from earlier shows (and other songs). The song is “Just a Little Bit”, originally by Rosco Gordon. Our version was influenced by the Jimmie Vaughan cover.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team