KR Training March 2022 Newsletter


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We have added more sessions of popular classes and filled out our schedule through end of May. Upcoming classes with space available:

March 26 Saturday Defensive Rifle has 3 slots open



Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin. Any pistol course taught by in-house staff can count toward your elective hours.
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We are going to order another batch of the KR Training Defensive Pistol Skills Program 20 oz tumblers. Final price will depend on total order size. Estimated price will be $25 – the price includes your name engraved below the logo. Email me to order one. I will take payments after the order is placed and a final price is determined. Price does NOT include shipping to you. Shipping will be available for additional cost, or tumblers can be picked up at the A-Zone during any event.


Karl Rehn and John Daub will be teaching at the 2022 Rangemaster Tactical Conference at the end of March. Dave Reichek and Tracy Thronburg will be working as range staff for this event, and most of the KR Training instructor team (and many of our students) will be attending.

Most of the KR Training staff will be attending, working or presenting at the 2022 Rangemaster Tactical Conference in Dallas in late March.


An after action report from a student about his recent pepper spray incident in downtown Austin was the subject of a recent blog post.

Another student-involved incident from last summer occurred when a homeless person living in the (Austin) Barton Creek greenbelt began pounding on a student’s front door demanding to be let in to cool off. In this case, the student’s exterior camera was used to assess the situation, and the student returned to his house after calling 911. When he arrived, the student did draw his pistol but kept it at a retention position (muzzle averted, not pointed at the individual), and the student and his wife gave the homeless person a Gatorade and some beef jerky while they waited for APD and EMS to arrive, since he refused to leave their property. Upon his arrival, the APD officer asked the student to holster, which he did. (I believe that the student’s exhibition of “trained” gunhandling and calm demeanor was a big factor in this low-drama police/armed citizen interaction). Due to Austin PD’s current policy of non-response/inaction to “suspicious person” incidents, the homeless person was not taken into custody, was not charged with trespassing, and he also refused medical treatment from EMS. The resolution of the incident was that the homeless person went back into the Greenbelt.


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From 2009-2015 I played in the band Leannasaurus Rex based in Bryan. We did a mix of rock and blues covers, often reworking the songs in our own style, with long instrumental jams. In 2010 we released the Hot Summer Jams CD (all tracks remastered 2020, available for download here). Here’s a video linked to one of the longer tracks from that album, our version of “Old Habits are Hard to Break” by John Hiatt.


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