KR Training May-June 2022 Newsletter


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Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin. Any pistol course taught by in-house staff can count toward your elective hours. More class dates through end of December are listed here.
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By popular demand we have added a session of our Red Dot Pistol Essentials course on Sunday July 10. This will be the full 6 hour class, going in depth on skills and technical knowledge about selecting, mounting and running a red dot sight on your pistol. Don’t have a dot sight on your gun yet? We have loaner guns available for use in this class.

On July 23 afternoon we will be offering our indoor Personal Tactics Skills class. This class, which is required to earn your Defensive Pistol Skills Program Challenge Coin, combines lecture, red gun work, (inert) pepper spray drills, and Image Based Decisional Drills to give you answers to all the “what should I do if…?” to common self-defense scenarios. Most self-defense incidents can be resolved by awareness, body language, communication, movement, use of pepper spray, or presentation of a firearm without firing. Shooting guns is fun, and gun skills are important, but a well rounded defensive firearm student needs to be competent in all the other topics. Those skills can’t be developed in dry or live fire.

This course is excellent for people new to self-defense, including those that are only armed in the home, or are not comfortable with the thought of using deadly force for self-defense.

We have paired this course with Basic Pistol 2 / Online LTC Completion that morning, so people can complete the range portion of the LTC class, or just improve their basic defensive pistol skills. They can get some live fire training that morning and then come indoors for the afternoon lecture course.

NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Attend both Basic 2 and Personal Tactics Skills for the combo price of $125! Mention this discount when you enroll to get the reduced price.


We will run Thursday evening USPSA matches starting May 26, through end of July, on selected Thursdays. These matches are suitable for anyone that had training in how to draw from open carry, or has a pistol caliber carbine. USPSA membership not required. Limited to 18 shooters. Matches start at 6, you can show up as late as 7. 4-5 stages, 100-ish rounds per match, $25 entry fee. Pre-registration is required. Pay match fee in cash on event day. Stages remain set up after the match for open practice until it gets dark. Highly recommended for DPS-1/2/3 graduates that have never shot competition.
Register here for the May-June matches.


I was a guest speaker at the 2022 Texas Handgun Association annual meeting.

John Daub and I both made appearances on the new License2Kari podcast.



In May the Midnight Express band performed a big show at the Wolf Pen Amphitheater in College Station, in our configuration as “Changes”, a Chicago tribute band. We recorded multitrack audio and video at that show, but videos are not yet complete. This month’s Song of the Month is from our Wolf Pen show from 2021, peforming Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”.


In May I released a collection of my 1980’s and 1990’s electronic jazz compositions, with tracks remixed and remastered. Electrophonic Expanded is now available on all the streaming music services for your listening pleasure.


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Karl, Penny and the KR Training team