KR Training November 2020 Newsletter


While all the attention has been on the presidential race, there are many down-ballot races of major importance, from Congressional seats to Texas Legislature seats to county district attorney and state judge positions. As always we encourage you to consider the impact of elections on your gun rights. County district attorneys decide whether to prosecute defensive gun uses. Our state legislature and judges set and define policy (campus carry, reduced fees and hours for LTC, open carry, and more). At the national level, the President gets to appoint leaders of all cabinet agencies and major departments – including those that can decide whether AR pistols with shoulder braces are legal, or ban the use of lead for hunting and target shooting – all with the stroke of a pen. Most importantly, the future of the 2nd amendment ultimately lies with the Supreme Court. A pro-gun SCOTUS could overturn bans on AR-15 rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds; a SCOTUS “packed” with a progressive majority could overturn the Heller and McDonald decisions, bringing “California-style” gun laws to the entire nation. If you haven’t read, or don’t understand the impact of, the gun control proposals in the Biden/Harris platform, you should educate yourself. We encourage you to make a candidate’s position on gun rights, firearm carry outside the home, and the fundamental human right of self-defense a priority in your voting decision.


We have guest instructors scheduled for January, February, March and April. Details are on the KR Training schedule page. We are waiting until after the election results are known and the impact on civil unrest is assessed before announcing additional 2021 courses. That planning also includes a decision regarding a potential 10th annual Preparedness Conference. Those concerned about preparedness should take a look at the 17 hours of video available on our Vimeo channel for a small fee.


Due to our agreement with range neighbors, we will have no weekend group live fire classes Nov 1 – Dec 31. Weekday private live fire training will be available on a limited basis. We do have some no-live-fire courses available as listed below.

This fall eleven students earned their Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coins. Most of the classes we have scheduled in November and December (except the Lone Star Medics courses) are challenge coin program courses.


Our friends at Bear Arms (Austin) and Greig Shooting (Caldwell/Conroe) have live fire classes scheduled for November and December. Private weekday classes including LTC online completion are also available. Tina Maldonado, Sean Hoffman, and Doug Greig also offer private and a few weekend group courses not listed here.

Register for any class using our online system.


Our staff participates in continuing education every year. Classes one or more staff instructors have (or will) attend in 2020 include: SIG Red Dot Instructor, Rangemaster Master Instructor, KR Training Force on Force Instructor, Rangemaster Instructor Reunion, SIG 365 Armorer’s Course, Tactics-Based Land Navigation, Texas Bar CLE Firearms Law, CutNStuff, TacMed EDC, competition training with Ben Stoeger, and others. I’m personally on track to complete 125 hours of training in 2020.


Penny and I have adopted two yellow lab-mix puppies: Scudder (male) and Rye (female), from the same litter. As we get them socialized and trained they will be “assisting” with future classes.


My trio covers “Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu” (aka “the COVID theme song”) from back in March, when the bar at the George Hotel was still open and booking live music.

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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team