KR Training October 2020 Newsletter

Gov. Abbott’s policy change allowing businesses to run at 75% capacity applies to KR Training, and we have opened additional slots in October classes to meet unprecedented demand for training. (UPDATE: most of the open slots have been filled!) We’ve added more weekday group classes to the schedule also.


Ammunition has become very difficult to find, with prices up as high as 500%. This article from RECOIL magazine explains the cause and answers many questions. The current situation could easily continue into 2021. We have reduced the round counts in some classes, and are offering many no-live-fire courses (marked with ** in the list below).

Dry firing is an essential way to continue maintaining skill. Annette Evans’ Dry Fire Primer book and Ben Stoeger’s dry fire book are excellent ways to learn how to do effective dry fire practice. Training aids such as the SIRT pistol (use code KRT10 for a discount) and Coolfire Trainer (use code REHN20 for discount) can make dry firing more interesting. With 9mm ammo selling for 500 per thousand (or more!), a training gun that allows realistic practice and does not require racking the slide for each shot becomes a much more cost-effective solution. After you have dry fired the training gun 500-1000 times, the “investment” is paid for and all future use of that gun is essentially free. Dry firing doesn’t require leaving the house, ammo, or a shooting range. 10-15 minutes a few times a week can produce significant improvement, particularly if you practice drawing from concealment.


Private weekday classes including LTC online completion are also available. Tina Maldonado, Sean Hoffman and Doug Greig also offer private and a few weekend group courses not listed here.

Register for any class using our online system.


Paul Martin and Karl Rehn along with guest instructors Caleb Causey and Mark Overstreet have posted new videos for 2020 as part of our ongoing Virtual Preparedness Conference. More videos will be released in October.

The entire video series can be found here.


If you’ve taken AT-2 scenarios and want more force on force training, the AT-5 Tactics Laboratory class is for you!. This higher level class integrates unarmed skills along with Simunition guns to provide a more realistic simulation experience with full scenario context. Drills integrated unarmed and gun skills for close range encounters are also part of the class. The “shooting from retention” drills in DPS-1 are repeated, this time against live opponents using SIRT guns and other props, to reinforce and build on that skill, practicing against an uncooperative opponent. We only offer this course once a year, so we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.


In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been blogging about in September:


Karl will be attending the (virtual) Texas Bar Association’s Firearms Law seminars this week. Guest instructor Massad Ayoob will be presenting a session. The virtual sessions are open to anyone paying the tuition fee, and the sessions will be available after the event is over for those that want to register and view them later. Texas Bar CLE has also published a new book on the essentials of Texas Firearms Law – highly recommended for any instructor or serious student of armed self-defense. Unlike mass market books on this topic, this book includes references to case law with citations, and has a college-textbook price to match its college-textbook information.


This month’s music video is from summer 2010, when Leannasaurus Rex had a weekly gig at popular biker hangout Yankees Tavern near Iola, Texas. The best performances from those shows ended up on the “Hot Summer Jams” CD (download the remastered tracks for free here). Plans for a 10th anniversary re-release and Leannasaurus Rex reunion show were scrapped due to COVID. This fan-shot phone video for our cover of Matt Schofield’s “Siftin Through the Ashes” seemed appropriate given the fiery riots and civil unrest of the past 30 days.

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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team