KR Training October 2023 Newsletter


We have finalized our schedule for the rest of 2023. All the classes we plan to offer through the end of 2023 are listed below. We are already working on winter/spring 2024 plans!


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.


Re-take any class you’ve taken before for half price! Contact me to get the alumni discount code. Firearms skills deteriorate without practice. Most ranges don’t allow drawing from a holster, shooting quickly, moving or shooting from cover. If you don’t practice the skills you learned in class, they won’t be there when you need them. Fall classes will have cooler weather – but they often sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to register!


In 1st half 2024 we have multiple trainers scheduled: John Hearne (January), Ben Stoeger (February), Greg Ellifritz (February), Ed Monk (March), Tom Givens (May). Some of the registration links for classes are available here. Others will be posted in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Texas classes with space available:




Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
Prices and registration links are at

Click HERE to register for any class.

Advanced Handgun – Oct 21

Advanced Handgun is a challenging class full of scored drills and shooting tests, to give the student a full evaluation of their shooting skill, and identify the areas where they need to improve. This is the same course I offer on the road. The level of this course is appropriate for graduates of our DPS-3 course, USPSA and IDPA competitors, and graduates of any higher level shooting program.

Low Light Shooting Level 2 – Oct 22 (evening)

We only offer this course once a year (and we didn’t get enough interest to teach it last year). LL2 goes beyond what is taught in Low Light 1. More building search, more challenging drills. This is a pistol-only course but skills taught can be applied to long gun as well.

Comprehensive Defensive Carbine – Oct 29

Doug Greig will offer a full day AR-15 course suitable for students at all levels. Focus will be on application of the defensive carbine in realistic situations.

Active Shooter / School and Church Safety – Nov 18-19

Due to the recent change in state law, more school districts are training armed teachers under the Guardian program. This two day session was scheduled at the request of a school district, but a limited number of slots are available for open enrollment. This is the DPS-designed course intended to teach anyone fundamental skills for protecting themselves and others (mainly in a school, church or office environment) from an active shooter. This will include 300 rounds of live fire in the afternoons each day. (We got the OK from neighbors to violate our deer season quiet time for this course.)


I have collected up all the discount codes we have set up with vendors we recommend. Alumni of KR Training classes will find them in the monthly e-news email.


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In October, the Black Cat Choir plays a lot of shows during Round Top’s Antique Week. Lead singer Johnny Holmes teaches the audience how to have moves like Jagger in our version of “Miss You”, from a recent Stone Cellar show.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team