KR Training September 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training September 2017 newsletter!  Upcoming classes include Basic Pistol 1 (Sept 30th),  Defensive Long Gun Essentials & Skill Builder Handgun (Oct 14).  Some October courses are already sold out.

Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list.

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50% price refresher slots available in all courses.  If you haven’t practiced the skills you learned in class in awhile, fall refresher slots are a great option. 


Knife carry: They removed the length restriction from the definition of “illegal knife” but replaced “illegal knife” with “location restricted knife.” So there are still restrictions on knives with blades over 5.5 inches. You can’t carry them “anywhere.” Basically, if you can’t carry a gun there, you can’t carry a long blade, e.g., amusement parks, hospitals, bars with a 51% sign, etc.

LTC fees and caliber: LTC minimum caliber now .22.  LTC 5 year fee now $40.
We have LTC courses coming up Oct 22 (A-Zone) and Oct 29 (NW Austin).

Law regarding storage of a handgun in a vehicle in a school parking lot improved.

Campus carry now allowed at community colleges. Here is ACC’s policy page.

More details about law changes in this Hsoi blog post.


September 30 morning- Basic Pistol 1 (Rehn)
October 14 morning – Defensive Long Gun Essentials (Rehn)
October 14 afternoon – Skill Builder Handgun (Rehn)
October 21 morning – Basic Pistol 2 (Rehn)
October 21 afternoon – Defensive Pistol Skills 1 (Rehn)

Register here.


October 8th (Sunday afternoon) we are offering the Tactics Laboratory (AT-5) course.  It’s similar to Craig Douglas’ Extreme Close Quarters Concepts course, covering similar material, taught by Karl, Leslie Buck and Dave Reichek.  It’s at a lower intensity level, intended for those new to integrated force on force training that merges unarmed and armed skills.  If you’ve passed our Defensive Pistol Skills 1 course, you can attend AT-5.  There is NO requirement to have taken other courses in the AT- series to attend.

In October we’ll offer Advanced Training 4, Advanced Training 6 and Advanced Training 5A (low light level 2) all on Sunday, October 15th.  These courses are for students that have completed at least Defensive Pistol Skills 2 or higher level training.  These courses won’t be offered again until summer 2018.

I’m also offering my Force on Force instructor certification class for those wanting to learn how to run scenario based training.  Attendees must take the Friday instructor course and attend/assist with all classes offered on October 7 and 8 to complete the training.


I have developed a new program called Historical Handgun, teaching the history of handgun training and skills, 1935-present.  I’ve offered two preview courses so far, and been interviewed on the Ballistic Radio and Polite Society podcasts about the new course.  On October 28th I’m going to offer a preview of Part Two of the course.  This will be material not presented in the other two preview classes. More drills, more historical video, more classroom material on key historical figures.

Students that attend either of the preview courses will also get credit that can be used toward slots in the 2 day version I’ll offer in May 2018.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team