More pics from 2018 A Girl and a Gun Conference

In a previous post I gave an after-action writeup from the 2018 A Girl and a Gun Conference.  There were a lot of great pics that I didn’t get to use in that AAR, so here they are.

Range Safety Officer Course

General Conference Pics

This pic is one of those “you had to be there” things. In 2017, Dawn fell down near the Pavilion, during one of the highly attended events. Her fall was memorable (no serious injuries) and in 2018 the location of her fall was commemorated with this sign.

The event was held at Reveille Peak Ranch, a great facility in Burnet Texas.

CZ-USA was the main event sponsor.  In a discussion with one of the CZ reps, I learned something interesting.  The CZ-75 pistol, widely used in USPSA Production division as a DA/SA gun only has a DA trigger pull option because the intent was to give it “second strike” capability in the event of a bad primer strike resulting in a misfire.  The CZ design has no decocking lever, requiring the gun to be manually decocked (hold the hammer, press the trigger, slowly lower the hammer to the down position). The designers intended for it to be used as a single action pistol.

Skill Builder sessions


Historical Handgun session

Shooting the 1945 FBI test

John Kochan giving his talk