Mushin SST Ohio classes AAR

I met James and Korey at the 2023 NRA convention in Indianapolis, and they invited me to visit their MushinSST facility in Brookville, Ohio, to teach in 2024. I made the trip April 12-14 to teach 3 classes: Force on Force Instructor, Tactical Scenarios, and Advanced Handgun.

Their facility is much like the KR Training A-Zone Range – a medium sized classroom and range on the back end of their home property. They have a lot of local students and attract some traveling students from nearby cities and states.

Here are some pictures from the classes. Most of the pics are from the classroom lectures (FOF instructor and the first block of Advanced Handgun). The FOF instructor & scenario classes were small and we needed everyone in every scenario. With a small class we got through 24 scenarios in that course, though, including 4 scenarios the instructor trainees wrote during the instructor course and ran as the exercise coordinator/director during the Saturday class.

Wesley (Korey & James’ dog) and Thor (a german shepherd that came with one of the students that attended all 3 days) also attended the FOF instructor class, and I spent a lot of time playing with Wesley after class each night.

They have a 9 person golf cart that was used to transport people from the parking area to the range.

I also got to play with their Ace shooting gadget that works with the Occulus VR headset. Here’s a video capture of me playing with it, with some still pics of me using it.

They have invited me to return to MushinSST in 2025, dates and specific classes will be announced fall 2024.

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