Remembering Sean Hoffman (1973-2021)

On August 19, 2021, KR Training instructor Sean Hoffman passed away from a still undetermined medical cause. When we met Sean, he had relocated to Austin after retiring from a 20+ year in law enforcement in Southern California, serving as patrol officer, SWAT team member, and K9 handler. He attended many classes with us in 2018 and 2019, earning his Defensive Pistol Skills Program Challenge Coin.

During that time Sean also got certified as an NRA instructor, Texas law enforcement and private security firearms trainer, and Texas License to Carry (LTC) instructor, and began offering courses under his “Carry the Day” business name. Sean also began assisting with KR Training classes. and was quickly promoted to teaching classes for us a lead instructor.

The first course that he taught for us was a long gun class in August 2019.

Sean became interested in red dot sights, and took multiple classes from Modern Samurai Project, Sage Dynamics, Centrifuge and the SIG Academy – their student courses and instructor certification courses as well. Sean and I traveled to Gunsite for the SIG Academy red dot instructor class in June 2020.

Sean began teaching his own red dot pistol class for KR Training, and we will continue offering that course using his lesson plan and class notes. Sean, Tracy, Dave and I had a fun photo shoot one day creating the KR Training image pack (Pack S) for the new Image Based Decisional Drills program.

As a passionate student of training, Sean shared my goal of seeking out 100 or more hours of training each year. He attended the classes we hosted with traveling trainers, and joined other KR Training staff on the road taking classes at other facilities. He also served as a mentor to some of our assistant instructors, guiding them to improve as instructors and as shooters.

As a Marine Corps veteran, Sean was laid to rest, with military honors at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, in Killeen Texas, on September 21, 2021. Most of the KR Training instructor team attended the service.

Sean’s time as a part of the KR Training family was too short, but his contributions were large. We will miss him, and we will keep his memory alive by continuing the programs he created for us, and adding him to our honor wall at the A-Zone Range.