1998 Combatives

During the 1990’s, several schools, including InSights Training, Tactical Defense Institute (Ohio) and Modern Warrior (New York), began offering classes that integrated gun and unarmed skills. In 1998, KR Training hosted the 40 hour Close Quarters Confrontations class taught by InSights Training. It included sessions on groundfighting, standup defense, live fire drills, and several days of integrated work using the big padded suit. By the final day, drills involved one student wearing the suit (the trainer role) and one working the defender role. Here’s some vintage video and photos from that week in KR Training history:

Groundfighting pics


Live Fire

Some of the techniques and drills shown in these pics may look familiar to graduates of Shivworks’ ECQC courses. Both Paul Gomez and Craig Douglas (who co-developed the original ECQC classes in the early 2000’s) credited the InSights curriculum as an influence on their own curriculum, and KR Training hosted several of the early ECQC courses taught by Craig and Paul.