2019 Practical Pistol Reunion

On Sept 21-22, 2019, many of the key figures in the early days of Practical Shooting reunited for a weekend of shooting and socializing. The event was hosted by Bill and Joyce Wilson at the Circle WC Ranch.

Almost everyone there had started competing in Practical Shooting matches prior to 1985, and most were at the Columbia Conference in 1976 when the International Practical Shooting Confederation began.

Attendees included:

I was invited because of my work archiving and documenting the history of handgun training, and the attendees graciously tolerated all my questions throughout the weekend as I took pictures of all the photos and documents and vintage gear they had brought. The event included a 200 round match consisting of pre 1985 “classic” stages, a tour of the Circle WC ranch and facilities (including Bill’s gun room), lunch & dinner each day, and lots of time to visit.

The event was documented by Michael Bane and his crew from Shooting Gallery (for a future episode of that show), the Wilson Combat youTube channel photo/video team (for online content for Wilson Combat social media), Massad & Gail Ayoob (for a print article), and me (for my upcoming book and this blog).

Over the next week or two I will share more about the event as I sift through notes & photos and follow up with some of the attendees to make sure I got all the details right.