2020 KR Training staff gear survey part 3 – flashlights, pepper spray, medical gear

By far the most common questions I answer online and in person are about what gun(s), holsters and gear to buy. Recently I sent all the assistant instructors of KR Training a gear survey form. The lists below are the flashlights, pepper spray and medical gear we carry. In part 1, I listed the guns, sights and gun modifications we use. In part 2, I listed holsters, mag carriers and belts. Follow up posts will list home defense guns, training and competition-specific gear.


Wide variety in models, but mostly SureFire and Streamlight products.

  • SureFire Stiletto (4 people)
  • Streamlight Microstream USB (4 people)
  • Streamlight Protac-2L-x
  • Surefire 6P variants (3 people)
  • SureFire Backup
  • Surefire “Sidekick” Streamlight Nano
  • Fenix PD-35 TAC
  • Four Sevens / Prometheus Quark QT2L Tactical
  • Ultrafire


Everyone that responded carries a tourniquet, some carry additional gear on them, everyone had additional gear in their vehicle.

  • SOFTT-W in pocket (8 people)
  • SOFTT-W in ankle pouch or purse/bag (4 people)
  • SOFTT-W in PHLster flatpack in pocket (3 people)
  • CAT in rear pocket or ankle (5 people)
  • TacMed Solutions ankle wrap
  • Dark Angel med kit
  • Safer Faster Defense SFD Responder ankle rig
  • Immediate Casualty Care Min-E-Med Flat
  • Raven Concealment Pocket Shield
  • Chest seal, quik clot bandage


Some reported multiple products, carried at different times depending on clothing or situation.

  • Sabre Red MK-6 (6 people)
  • None (5 people)
  • POM (4 people)
  • First Defense MK4
  • Kimber Pepper Blaster
  • ASP Palm Defender