2020 KR Training staff gear survey part 2 – holsters, mag carriers and ammo

By far the most common questions I answer online and in person are about what gun(s), holsters and gear to buy. Recently I sent all the assistant instructors of KR Training a gear survey form. The lists below are the holsters, mag carriers and ammunition we carry. In part 1, I listed the guns, sights and gun modifications we use. Follow up posts will list home defense guns (pistols and long guns), medical gear and more.


What ammo do we carry? Some people listed more than one (for primary and secondary guns)

  • Speer Gold Dot, 124 gr JHP, 9mm+P (7 people)
  • Federal HST 147 gr JHP 9mm (5 people)
  • Speer Gold Dot 147 gr JHP, 9mm
  • Speer Gold Dot, 115 gr JHP, 9mm
  • SIG V-Crown 9mm
  • Speer Gold Dot 135 gr +P .38 spl (short barrel load)
  • Federal Hydro-Shok (no bullet weight given)


Lots of variety in belt holsters, with the DeSantis Nemesis the universal choice for a pocket holster.

  • Keepers Concealment “Errand” (3 people)
  • Raven “Morrigan” (3 people)
  • PHLster “Classic” (2 people)
  • Keepers Concealment “Keeper”
  • Concealment Express IWB
  • Comp-Tac CTAC w/ Discrete Carry Concepts belt clips
  • Comp-Tac MTAC (hybrid)
  • Tenicor AIWB
  • Safariland OWB (open carry)
  • Dark Star Gear “Orion” w/ Dark Wing and DSG’s metal clip
  • Dark Star Gear “Hitchhiker” w/ Dark Wing and DSG metal clip
  • Vedder
  • JM Custom Kydex AIWB w/ wing claw
  • Black Point Tactical
  • Raven “Phantom” OWB
  • Comp-Tac “Warrior”
  • FIST Kydex
  • Desantis Nemesis Pocket holster for secondary gun (4 people)

HOLSTERS (Recommended but not currently used)

  • Blade-Tech
  • Dene Adams
  • Dale Fricke
  • Red Hill Tactical
  • Smart Carry


Most carry a spare mag, a few do not. Three reported carrying two spare mags, all others carried only one spare.

  • Comp-Tac OWB (4 people)
  • Comp-Tac IWB (2 people)
  • Black Point Tactical (2 people)
  • On Your 6 IWB double mag pouch
  • JM Custom Kydex high ride
  • Safariland 71
  • PHLster
  • Esstac Kywi
  • Smart Carry
  • Speed Strip in pocket (for revolver)
  • “None”


  • Blade-Tech NEXbelt EDC (3 people)
  • 5.11 Gunfighter belt (3 people)
  • Wilderness Tactical instructor belt (2 people)
  • Dickies men’s leather belt
  • Wilderness Tactical Frequent Flyer belt
  • Gould and Goodrich 1″ black leather
  • EDC Foundation
  • Ciguera Emmisary Belt
  • Blue Alpha
  • Filson 1.5″ bridle leather double belt
  • “varies with outfit”