KR Training March 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training March 2020 newsletter!


The page at this link is our official COVID status page. We are scaling back to smaller classes, cancelling and rescheduling some classes in March and April. Tom Givens’ classes have been rescheduled to June. We will be doing additional cleaning of the facility before/after each class. We are holding off on scheduling additional June-August events until later this spring.

If you do not already have the ammo you need for upcoming classes, it may be very hard to find (both online and at retail stores). We are likely to offer some beginner pistol and long gun courses this summer so those that are buying their first firearm(s) can get trained on safe handling and operation.

If you have friends, family or co-workers buying their first guns, encourage them to take one or both of these online courses:

These cover the classroom and lecture material in those classes, with the NRA course focusing on technical aspects of firearms and shooting fundamentals, and the LTC class teaching Texas law. Even those only choosing to be armed at home should understand Texas laws related to deadly force. Those completing the online courses can do the range part with us this summer or as part of the Basic 2 class scheduled May 2.

CLASSES (with space available)


We have put nearly 7 hours of material (14 videos) from our 2018 Preparedness Conference online for download or streaming. These videos cover a wide variety of preparedness topics.

Paul Martin Preparedness Lectures from Karl Rehn on Vimeo.

Paul Martin is renovating his preparedness communication strategy.  Moving forward, he is putting his preparedness meetings and other preparedness training activities on hiatus. He has consolidated his online content to a single website ( and his book Pivot Points.  A decision regarding the status of our annual January preparedness conference will be made this fall.

Finally, he won’t be posting news or preparedness info on Facebook moving forward. Anything in that genre will be placed on


Here are lists of the guns, holsters, belts, medical gear, pepper spray, and other items 15 instructors on the KR Training team use.


John and Karl recently updated some of the material in their Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training book, including adding a new appendix discussing red dot sights. Those that bought the e-book automatically got the update. If you bought a print copy, you can download a PDF with the updated Top 10 Drills and red dot appendix by clicking this link.


We encourage everyone to follow the KR Training business page on Facebook, because that’s where we post interesting links and articles several times a week. If you are a Facebook user and you have not been seeing our posts, please remember to look at the KR Training page once in awhile. You can also follow my personal page, where I will start posting weekly reminders to people to go check the KR Training page. It appears that the Facebook “algorithm” is now hiding updated posts from businesses and only shows paid ads and updates on personal page.

Even if you don’t want to follow us on social media, browse the posts on this blog. We’ve posted more than just the gear survey in the past 60 days.


We recently posted a slow motion video to our Instagram page showing pre-ignition push. That occurs when the shooter pulls the down gun just prior to the shot breaking. The shooter is typically not aware this is happening, because of blinking in anticipation of the shot firing.

The cure for pre-ignition push is a few minutes of dry fire each day, being careful to make sure the gun and sights don’t move as you press the trigger. Another way to cure it (or verify it’s not occurring) is to mix live and dummy rounds in your magazines when doing live fire practice.

KR Training now sells 8 round packages of 9mm dummy rounds, available for $10 at the A-Zone, or $15 shipped to you.

Click the “pay now” button below to order.


Here’s a playlist of videos recorded at recent performances, Dec 2019-March 2020, for those curious about the other half of my life as a performing musician. I look forward to returning to live performance when clubs and restaurants re-open. Here’s our trio version of the Rockin’ Pnuemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.

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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team

A testimonial from Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training about Karl Rehn and John Daub's book, Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training.