KR Training COVID Status

UPDATE: as of 9/21/2020 classes are now increased to 75% of normal capacity. All other measures (masks, distancing on the firing line, etc.) remain in place.

As of 6/30/2020, KR Training will continue training on a limited basis, with classes of 50% or lower capacity, complying with all directives from the Texas Governor’s office regarding class size, social distancing and other preventative measures. The current guidance from Lee County regarding masks is that masks will be mandatory for all indoor components of the class, but will not be mandatory during the outdoor portions of classes. We have reduced the number of positions on our firing line to separate shooters by 6 or more feet.

While KR Training will continue to sanitize and clean high contact surfaces and minimize classroom time during our courses, students will be also be required to sign an additional COVID-specific liability release. We encourage everyone to continue to take precautions to minimize their potential exposure. If you get exposed between signing up and class date, contact us immediately and we will refund any fees paid or move you to a later class if one is available.

In order to meet guidelines, class sizes have been reduced and additional sessions of some classes are being scheduled to accommodate those already registered. Unless the COVID situation changes, we do not plan to run USPSA matches at the A-Zone this summer.

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Paul Martin has published more general advice on preparedness here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this issue or upcoming courses.