The Dinkheller Movie

The video of officer Kyle Dinkheller being killed during a traffic stop became a widely used training film. The independent video producer behind the “Officer Involved” documentary has produced a documentary specifically about the Dinkheller incident. I recently ordered a copy and watched it.

The film is very personal, with interviews with Dinkheller’s family and co-workers. Particular attention was given to an incident that occurred prior to the fatal traffic stop, in which Dinkheller was (allegedly) forced to write and hand-deliver an apology letter to a big donor to his sheriff’s campaign, because Dinkheller pulled over (and chewed out) the donor for failing to get out of the way of multiple emergency vehicles heading to a high priority call with lights and sirens. Some of Dinkheller’s co-workers believe that his hesitation to escalate during the traffic stop was influenced by that disciplinary action, which does not appear in his permanent record.

The film includes minimal information about Dinkheller’s killer, and minimal analysis of the incident itself from a tactics or marksmanship perspective. Recommended only for those interested in learning more personal information about the officer and how the aftermath affected his family, friends and co-workers.

It appears that at the current time, the film is not available on streaming services, only as a DVD that can be purchased from the official website.