Paul Martin Preparedness Lecture Series

In January 2018 KR Training presented two days of preparedness training, mostly taught by Paul Martin, and we recorded video for all the lectures. During this time when people are interested in preparedness, and many are stuck at home, we pulled those archival recordings off the shelf, edited in the slides, and organized the content into 14 videos available for download or streaming.

Paul T. Martin Video Preparedness Series

The topics include:

We are hosting them on Vimeo, asking for a few dollars for each video to help offset the financial cost of hosting them on that site so we could present them free of embedded ads for products and services we may or may not recommend. Here’s the trailer for the video series:

Paul Martin Preparedness Lectures from Karl Rehn on Vimeo.

Paul’s book Pivot Points is currently discounted on Amazon also.

He also has free materials (the Ready Citizen Manual) online.