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On May 16 & 17, 2023 I hosted Andy Stanford of SureFire, who taught two sessions of his new Master Coach Development course. Day 1 was for LEO trainers, Day 2 was for private sector trainers. We had 12 students attend each day, with trainers from Austin, San Antonio, Houston and other nearby communities present.

This course was the next step forward from the Surgical Speed Shooting Summit Andy ran at Tactical Response in 2022. You can read about those events in these two blog posts.

Andy’s goal in working with other trainers was to update the material to make sure he was presenting the best possible material, in the coach development courses he planned to offer.

He did a tour through Oklahoma and Texas, offering pilot sessions of the class, refining the presentation and the material. KR Training was the last stop on the tour, so we saw the class at its most refined.

Andy developed a new paper target specifically for use with the program, incorporating 1.25″ dots, 2.5″, 5″ and 10″ circles used in an information-rich, multi-use format. He said that there is a patent pending on the target, so for now only those that have taken the Master Coach course have copies of it.

His mission statement for the class was to enhance the teaching skills of those who teach the “barely trainable to the nearly self-motivated” – a phrase that describes a majority of law enforcement officers and shooters who may carry often but rarely seek out formal training and/or only shoot when the job requires them to. Several of the trainers in the private sector class were there because they were team leaders for church security teams, who are often staffed with well meaning but minimally trained volunteers.

The class focused on trigger control, incorporating Larry Mudgett’s trigger control exercises. I posted video of several of those drills to Instagram.

The class also included the classic live & empty drill (we use this in our classes too). Andy’s version includes a lot of additional steps, to maximize the training value of every repetition of this simple exercise.

Andy also included material from his original 1990’s Surgical Speed Shooting class, such as the cadence drill Ron Avery developed.

There were several shooting tests in the course . The initial evaluation test required students to shoot 3 rounds into 3″ at 3 yards, 3 times, first with no time limit, then working from a ready position, and finally starting with pistol holstered in either a duty retention holster or concealed in a carry holster. This 27 round evaluation provides a simple assessment of student skills.

The final shooting test used two of Andy’s new targets at 3 and 7 yards, in a 3 string test that included drawing, movement, reloading, engaging the 1.25″, 2.5″, 5″, and 10″ circles with two hands, strong hand only and weak hand only.

Instructors on the KR Training team that attended the Master Coach Development class will be offering a short course on July 16, 2023 where our students will get to learn the curriculum we were taught in the development course. You can register for that course here.

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