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Due to severe weather Mother’s Day weekend, we rescheduled the Small Gun and Stop the Bleed classes to this Sunday – and we have slots open! Summertime is shooting time. Come join us in June for pistol, shotgun and rifle training!

Don’t see a class that interests you? Let us know. We have a few dates left in July to add some courses. For the hotter summer months we will mostly be offering morning courses.


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.

Upcoming classes with space available:





Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
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Small Gun Class / Stop the Bleed – Sunday May 21!

Severe weather caused us to reschedule the Small Gun and Stop the Bleed classes for Sunday, May 21. Have a small gun you carry in a pocket, purse, fanny pack, Sneaky Pete or other method that isn’t a belt holster? Want to learn how to carry your gun using a PHLster Enigma or other deep carry method that doesn’t require a belt? This class is for you. We have a limited supply of loaner gear.

This will be the ONLY small gun class we run this year, so don’t miss it!

The gun is useless if it’s sitting in the car’s glove box, a nightstand drawer or a closet shelf because you’ve decided that it’s “too hard” to carry in a traditional belt holster with an untucked shirt. There are solutions but they do require training to use effectively. This PHLster video shows some of those techniques.

Tactical Pistol Class

Local law enforcement trainer and USPSA Master class shooter Eric Wise will be offering a full day Tactical Pistol course on June 3. It’s suitable for anyone at the Basic Pistol 2 or carry permit level. It will cover material similar to our Defensive Pistol Skills 1 and Handgun Beyond Basics class, and those that need to shoot the Texas LTC test to complete online permit training can do that during the course also. It’s a great value for $150. Highly recommended for graduates of our DPS-1, Beyond Basics and other classes that haven’t practiced those skills since their last class.

Defensive Shotgun 2

Every time we run a session of our Defensive Shotgun class, people ask if we are going to offer a level 2 shotgun course. Taught by Dave Reichek, graduate of the Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor course, our Shotgun 2 class is perfect to refresh what you learned in Defensive Shotgun 1 and take your shotgun skills to the next level. This will be the ONLY session of Shotgun 2 we offer this year. Now is the time to sign up for this new student-requested class!

Appendix IWB Skills / Top 10 Drills

John Daub will offer his popular Appendix Carry skills class June 17. 4 hours of instruction in how to carry safely and comfortably in the appendix position. Loaner equipment is available for those that don’t have AIWB holsters! There are AIWB solutions that don’t require a belt.

Top 10 drills is on the schedule for that afternoon, to give students more opportunity to practice all the skills other ranges don’t allow, like drawing from concealment and shooting faster than one shot per second. Benchmark your skills so you know what you can do and what you need to work on to get better! Shooting skills fade away if you don’t practice, and you can’t maintain high speed defensive pistol skills by slow fire untimed target shooting.

Defensive Pistol Skills 2

Also by request, another session of Defensive Pistol Skills 2, for spring graduates of our Defensive Pistol Skills 1 classes.

John Daub on the Primary and Secondary Podcast

John was a guest on a recent “Primary and Secondary” podcast. You can listen to the episode here


We will run some USPSA matches this summer, with one early match May 24, and the remainder of the series starting mid June through end of July. Details about the matches are here. Any one that has taken DPS-1, Beyond Basics or higher level classes is welcome to attend. These small matches run faster than the big weekend events, with 150 rounds of shooting fun. Each match includes a shoothouse stage, steel target stage, one historical stage (shot using USPSA rules) and other shooting activities not always included in group classes.


Back in the early 1990’s, I played on a studio project with the Andrew Wimsatt Ensemble. That band included bassist Chris Maresh (who went on to much greater things including a Grammy nomination and gigs with Eric Johnson, Bonnie Raitt and Willie Nelson), jazz guitarist Clay Moore, drummer Tony Edwards (Austin Symphony, UT professor), guitarist Andrew Wimsatt and vocalist Jack Brandt.

The promo videos for those songs ended up in rotation on Austin’s ACTV cable channel for most of the 1990’s. Using modern AI video enhancing software, I was able to upscale and clean up the digitized VHS recordings, and updated the audio with the remastered version. Here’s the video for the song “Time is Forgiving”, featuring Clay on a complex jazz-influenced guitar solo, along with video of us lipsyncing under Austin’s famous 360 bridge.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team