Book Review – The Low Light Fight (Michael Seeklander, 2016)

As part of the KR Training Historical Handgun project to increase awareness of the history & evolution of defensive handgun skills, I read and review important books on pistol shooting and related topics.

The Low Light Fight – Michael Seeklander (2016)

I’ve been a member of Mike Seeklander’s American Warrior Society for the past several years, and I’ve followed him as a competitor and a trainer long before that, during his time at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa and, before that, when we shot many of the same major USPSA and Steel Challenge matches in the 1990’s.

Mike has written many excellent books on shooting skills, and this one (The Low Light Fight) is another great read / training manual.  Techniques for low light shooting continue to evolve, as flashlights, red dot sights and lasers continue to improve and be re-packaged in many different configurations for handheld and weapon mounted use.

The book is basically split into three parts.  The first third of the book has chapters on basics of shooting, tactics and combatives, low light principles, and gear selection.   These topics define the core building blocks on which specific skills are explained and applied.  The middle third of the book focuses on tactics: the 1-3 yard threat, building & room search, and engaging threats in low light.  The final third covers a topic of great value to the serious student: dry fire and live fire drills that can be used to develop and evaluate low light skills.  Most other books on low light shooting end with demonstration and explanation of tactics and skills.

Much of the material in Mike’s book aligns with the curriculum of the low light shooting class I teach each year for KR Training.  Graduates of my low light course would find this book valuable as a review of concepts taught in the course, and guidance for how to maintain those skills.



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