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Caleb Causey is coming to the A-Zone November 10th to teach his one day TacMedEDC course.  It’s a great one day class covering material that goes beyond the “Stop the Bleed” course or any online first aid course.  Just like shooting skills, medic skills deteriorate if you don’t practice them.

If you are a graduate of any Lone Star Medics course, you can attend this class for half price ($100).


Election day is Tuesday, November 6th.  As you might expect, I’m in favor of my students voting for candidates that will vote to expand gun rights and who will vote against proposed gun bans and restrictions.  The days when both major parties ran candidates that were “B” rated (or higher) by the NRA appear to be over, and now most races (particularly at the state level) are between “A” and “F” rated candidates.   The NRA has a website where you can enter your zip code and it will show you the ratings for candidates in all the races you would be voting on.  (It doesn’t require you to provide contact information and using it will not cause you get unwanted junk mail or email.)


September and October were incredibly busy months for the KR Training team, with full classes every weekend the weather allowed, multiple trips to other states to teach road courses, and a record number of weekday private lessons.

Due to an agreement with range neighbors, KR Training runs NO live fire classes on weekends during November and December (deer season).  During those months live fire training is only available in the weekday private lesson format & pricing.

We will resume our normal schedule of weekend courses in January 2019. We are still scheduling classes taught by visiting trainers, and confirming dates that the KR Training team will be teaching on the road.   In the November and December newsletters we will be announcing more classes added to the schedule for 2019.

We are still confirming speakers and finalizing plans for both days of the annual Preparedness events we run the first weekend of January each year.  Saturday’s event will include medical, chainsaw, fitness and other non-firearm topics. Sunday’s event will be firearms specific and cover some topics not covered in regular KR Training classes.


All events at the A-Zone Range unless noted otherwise


In October, Karl taught two classes for FPF Training in northern Virginia – a one day Historical Handgun course and a one day Advanced Handgun (expanded AT-6) course. The final day of that trip was spent at NRA headquarters meeting with NRA Museum director Jim Supica doing research for Karl’s Historical Handgun book (in progress).  There will be a blog post (or two) about this trip on the KR Training blog in early November.

Assistant instructor Becky Dolgener attended and passed the Rangemaster Advanced Instructor course taught by Tom Givens.

Congratulations to assistant instructor Levi Nathan, who gets married in November.

Karl and John Daub have already enrolled in the just announced Rangemaster “Master” instructor course to be held November 2019 in Shawnee, OK.

KR Training Shooting Team member and USPSA Grand Master Cory K attended all 9 days of the USPSA Nationals, competing in multiple divisions.


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2018-2019 SCHEDULE

Registration is open for all classes on the KR Training schedule, including those already scheduled for 2019. In November and December we take a break from offering weekend live fire classes due to deer season, but weekday private lessons will be available on a limited basis.

Thank you for sending your friends and family to train with us. Your referrals keep our classes full and help us continue to offer in-demand classes that specifically address the needs of responsible armed citizens. Remember, now you can train with even more purpose through the KR Training Defensive Pistol Skills Program. Start working to earn your coin now.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team