February 2017 KR Training e-news


Deal #1)  Discounts on our Basic Pistol 1, Basic Pistol 2, and License to Carry classes on Groupon.

Deal #2) $90 price for half-day training with Cecil Burch.

Deal #3) $180 price for all 3 classes on March 4 (DPS-2, AT-2 and Low Light Shooting). Save $40.

Deal #4) $100 refresher price for all 3 classes on March 4.  (Limited to graduates of all 3 classes.)

Deal #5) $150 price for Basic Pistol 2 and Skill Builder together on March 11. Save $10.

Deal #6) Bring-a-friend deal for Skill Builder – two slots for $100 (Save $20)

Deal #7) $120 price for Personal Tactics Skills and AT-7 More Scenarios on March 12. Save $20.

For all deals – must pay in full in advance.

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There is more to self-defense than just having a gun.  Cecil Burch will be offering two stand-alone 1-day classes, one in techniques useful when standing up, and one in grappling/groundfighting.  These classes are recommended for everyone, not just armed people.   Suitable for all fitness levels. Unarmed training, like gun training, is not a “one and done” thing.   Frequent, or at least annual refresher training will keep your skills at a useful level.  The standing-up class is Saturday Feb 18 and the groundfighting class is Sunday Feb 19.

Don’t have time, interest or stamina for 8 hours? Attend the first 4 hours of either day for the newsletter special price of $90 (paid in full in advance).

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MARCH 4 – DPS 2, AT-2 and Low Light Shooting

Every spring and fall we offer these three courses (DPS-2, AT-2 and Low Light Shooting) together, on one day. They are an integrated block of training that includes 4 hours of live fire, 4 hours of force on force scenarios, and 3 hours of low light shooting.    Individual courses can be taken separately. $180 pricing if you take all three.

If you’ve taken them before, we’re offering a $100 all-day refresher price.  This integrated block of training is an excellent way to work on all the skills you’ll likely need in an actual incident.

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MARCH 5 – Long Gun Sunday

Two classes on March 5: Shooting Skills, Gun Cleaning and Maintenance (Rifle), and Defensive Long Gun Essentials.   The morning class is 2 hours of beginner level training for those with a new gun or new to long gun shooting.  The afternoon class is 4 hours of drills on the essential skills for defending your home with a long gun.  Both can be taken on the same day.

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MARCH 11 – Skill Builder

Skill Builder is a 2 hour, 200 round class suitable for any student and any pistol.   We are offering a “bring a friend” deal: two slots for $100 ($20 savings).  This class is perfect for bringing that friend, co-worker or family member that has a gun but doesn’t practice as often as they should.   Drive out Saturday morning, eat Texas’ best BBQ at Snow’s in Lexington, two hours of shooting at the A-Zone, and get back home before the sun goes down.

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MARCH 12  – Tactics Sunday

On Sunday, March 12 we are offering two tactics classes: Personal Tactics Skills and AT-7 More Scenarios. The 3 hour morning class teaches tactics fundamentals: armed movement in/around structures and vehicles, mindset, the OODA loop and other topics we briefly mention in the DPS series of classes.  The 4 hour afternoon course is force on force scenarios in a similar format to the AT-2 course, but with different situations and storylines.

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The full schedule of 2017 classes is here.

One slot still open in the 2-day Ben Stoeger competition pistol course Feb 25-26.

ECQC with Craig Douglas is sold out, but there are still slots in the Friday evening “Managing Unknown Contacts” lecture.

Massad Ayoob is coming in April to offer the MAG-20 range course on April 6-7, and the MAG-20 classroom course on April 8-9. Slots still open in both courses.


(Almost New in Box) CZ 75B SA 9mm, two 16 round magazines, one 10 round magazine, trigger job. Perfect for USPSA Production division. Fired less than 50 times. Works in both traditional DA and “cocked and locked” SA mode. Price reduced to $500.  Private sale.

Springfield XD 5″ 9mm (not XDm – original XD design).  Upgraded trigger and fiber optic sights.  Comes with Comp-Tac OWB holster and 5 mags.   Used as carry, competition and class loaner gun.  Price reduced to $450. Private sale.

Contact me for more information or to coordinate with seller for purchase and pickup.


New Karl Rehn music online

I’ve put together a new promo CD of live tracks and studio recordings featuring all the bands and projects I’ve done over the past 5 years.   Some of the tracks are up on my SoundCloud page for free streaming, with more to come over the next few weeks.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew