January 2017 KR Training news


Deal #1)  Discounts on our Basic Pistol 1, Basic Pistol 2, and License to Carry classes on Groupon.

Deal #2) $50 off the Dynamic First Aid class Saturday, Feb 4. Mention this ad when you register.

Deal #3) Refresher pricing for Feb 5 (Sunday afternoon) Defensive Pistol Skills 1.  $50 for any DPS-1 graduate.

Deal #4) Bring-a-friend deal for Saturday Feb 11 Team Tactics. Two can attend for $150.

Deal #5) Bring a non-shooting family member to Team Tactics for $50.

For all deals – must pay in full in advance.

Register here.


Saturday February 4.  One day general first aid class taught by Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics. Suitable for all family members.  Everyone in your family should have medical training.  In the past 20 years I’ve used my medical skills many more times than my gun skills.   Learn what to do in the time between the injury or accident occurs and when professional aid is available.  Learn how to use modern medical gear, including tourniquets, and what gear you should have in your car, at home, and when you travel. Register here.


It’s not a “SWAT team” course.  It’s a “friends and family” course teaching how to work with and around other armed (and unarmed) people in situations at home and in public.  You don’t have to have a partner to attend.  All students will rotate assignments and get to work with a variety of partners.   Non-shooting slots are available at half price, so that the people that will be with you, when you need to use the skills taught in class, can get some training in what you will be doing and what they need to do, and can do, to assist or at least not impede your efforts to keep them safe.

This is not a class we offer very often. We scheduled it near Valentine’s Day so it could be a “couples” activity.  It’s only 6 hours (9-3) so you can still get done with class and have a romantic evening out Saturday night.  And we’re offering a partner discount so two can attend for $150 instead of $200 (paid in full in advance.)

Register here.


There is more to self-defense than just having a gun.  Cecil Burch will be offering two stand-alone 1-day classes, one in techniques useful when standing up, and one in grappling/groundfighting.  These classes are recommended for everyone, not just armed people.   Suitable for all fitness levels. Unarmed training, like gun training, is not a “one and done” thing.   Frequent, or at least annual refresher training will keep your skills at a useful level.  The standing-up class is Saturday Feb 18 and the groundfighting class is Sunday Feb 19.  Register here.


The full schedule of 2017 classes is here.


(Almost New in Box) CZ 75B SA 9mm, two 16 round magazines, one 10 round magazine, trigger job. Perfect for USPSA Production division. Fired less than 50 times. Works in both traditional DA and “cocked and locked” SA mode. Price reduced to $500.  Private sale.

Springfield XD 5″ 9mm (not XDm – original XD design).  Upgraded trigger and fiber optic sights.  Comes with Comp-Tac OWB holster and 5 mags.   Used as carry, competition and class loaner gun.  Price reduced to $450. Private sale.

Contact me for more information or to coordinate with seller for purchase and pickup.


KR Training is now an American Warrior Society affiliate. AWS is run by Mike Seeklander, who is an outstanding instructor, USPSA Grand Master, former law enforcement, former Marine. If you join AWS you get access to all Mike’s excellent books, videos and articles. Use the KR Training affiliate link to get a discounted membership.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew