Gun Rights Video

Paul Martin and I have been posting new videos as part of our ongoing Virtual Preparedness Conference. These videos are part of the package of On Demand content we have on Vimeo. Each video is a few bucks to stream (3 month rental) or download. The newest video is from retired NRA-ILA researcher, firearms training and national columnist Mark Overstreet. It’s a sample of the material he taught in a recent Gun Rights Seminar we hosted at the A-Zone Range. This particular video discusses the legal history of gun rights and the nuances of the rulings in several critical Supreme Court decisions, as well as the future of gun rights in the current political climate.

Because they are pay-to-watch videos, it appears that Vimeo is blocking embedding, so follow the links to rent or purchase them on Vimeo’s site.

Gun Rights Video link

More videos are in production and will be announced in coming weeks.

If the embedded video links don’t show up in your browser, go to the Vimeo page here.

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