Video Review: Gunsite Active Shooter (Panteao, 2016)

During a recent trip to Gunsite I picked up a physical copy of the Panteao-produced, Gunsite Active Shooter Response video. Since I will be teaching another session of the Texas DPS-certified Active Shooter response course this month, I spent some time watching the Gunsite video as part of my review of class materials.

This 3 hour video is mostly lecture material, presented on the range, but with all the shooting and drills covered in the final hour. It’s a very thorough program (chapter titles listed below) suitable for those at the carry permit level with no training beyond that level. For those with more experience, some of the material in the early chapters will be review.

The last hour of the video, starting with chapter 17, gets into live fire drills, shoothouse and vehicle work. The fundamentals of these topics are taught at a relaxed pace, working simple problems in small chunks, which is an excellent approach for teaching these skills to those that haven’t seen them before, or are using the video as review.

Similarly, the vehicle segment focuses on basic skills, engaging targets around vehicles, moving to cover, with acceptable hits.

Medical response is well integrated into the course, as medical gear is discussed in the sections on setting up your bail out bag, and use of the gear is shown in context during the shoothouse drills.

If you haven’t seen any of the Panteao videos, they are all well made: professionally scripted and produced, and a good value for the money. In addition to the Gunsite Active Shooter video, they also have Paul Howe’s Active Shooter video, which is a condensed version of his multi-day active shooter course. I attended that course at his facility several years ago and wrote an AAR of it here.

While there are many videos available on youTube for free, long form, professionally produced videos offering instruction from verified subject matter experts (such as the ones Panteao offers) are worth paying for. They provide a way to get some valuable training without needing a range (or ammo).