John Murphy FPF Training Vehicle Environment Skills class AAR

KR Training hosted John Murphy of FPF Training in October 2018. John taught their Two Person Tactics course and their Vehicle Environment Skills course.

John teaching the two person tactics course.

The Vehicle Environment Skills course illustrates manners and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a criminal encounter in and around our cars. Students will engage in both “dry” and “live” fire exercises and engage in scenario based work around their own vehicles. For this session KR Training obtained a junked vehicle that could be shot from, at and through, to be used for the live fire part of the course.

Classroom lecture from the Vehicle class
Vehicle anatomy
Red gun work around vehicles
Live fire warm up on the FPF target
Getting ready to shoot through the car windshield
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Video from John Murphy vehicle class Feb 2019

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