KR Training December 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training December 2017 newsletter!  Upcoming classes include Preparedness Level 1 and 2 (Jan 7 and 8), Basic Pistol 1 Jan 13, Basic Pistol 2 Jan 20, and MAG-20 range Jan 27-28.

Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list.

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In recent classes I’ve mentioned posts I’ve made to the KR Training blog or on the KR Training Facebook page, only to learn that very few in class were aware they existed and had not been following them.

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John Daub and I were each interviewed for upcoming episodes of Ballistic Radio, to air in early 2018.

I was guest host for 3 upcoming episodes of the Handgun World Podcast.  The episodes feature interviews with John Holschen and David Yamane, and a discussion with John Daub about selecting handgun drills for training.

Here’s the link to the podcast, and the associated blog post with info about the drills we discuss.


On January 7-8 we are replacing our annual Preparedness Conference with a two-day event at the A-Zone, offering a mix of classroom and range training.  It’s broken up into 1/2 day blocks so you can register for whatever part of it interests you.

Just want to shoot? Come for the morning sessions each day. Three hours of drills for pistol and long gun.  Just want to be inside learning?  There are four different half-day sessions available. Attend any single session for $90, any two sessions for $150, all 4 for $260.

Full details are on Paul Martin’s blog.   Here’s the details on Preparedness 1 (Saturday) and Preparedness 2 (Sunday).

Register here.


For that friend or family member with a new gun, or making a New Year’s Resolution to get some firearms training. Or for you.  50% off refresher slots.

Saturday January 13Basic Pistol 1 (9-12), Gun Selection Clinic (1-3), Shooting Skills, Gun Cleaning and Maintenance (3-5).

Sunday January 14 – License To Carry (12-5)

Saturday January 20Basic Pistol 2 (9-1), Personal Tactics Skills (2-5)

Register here.


The MAG-20 range class is a two day, 500 round defensive handgun course suitable for anyone at the Basic Pistol 2 level or higher. Draw from concealment, two-handed stances, shooting from cover, one-handed stances with either hand, speed reloading, and more are taught with an overall emphasis on fast, accurate shot placement.

We will be hosting Massad Ayoob in March 2018 for his MAG-80 course.  That 40 hour course includes handgun, long gun and weapon retention training.  To be eligible to attend the MAG-80, students must have completed both the MAG-20 classroom and MAG-20 range class.   We’ve hosted both parts (combined they are known as MAG-40.)  Anyone interested in attending MAG-80 in March that only attended the MAG-20 classroom needs to complete the MAG-20 range to meet pre-requisites.

The MAG-20 range in January will be taught by Tracy Becker, who is a MAG-certified instructor and graduate of MAG-30, MAG-40, MAG instructor, MAG-80 and MAG-120.


KR Training is hosting the only session of the Massad Ayoob Group Deadly Force Instructor class scheduled for 2018, on Jan 30-Feb 4. This 5 day course covers the legal aspects of Deadly Force at a level far beyond what is taught in the DPS License To Carry instructor course, and is highly recommended for any LTC instructor.  Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network members and graduates of MAG-40 are eligible for discounts on class tuition.  If you plan to attend, please get registered ASAP.  

Register here.


We have updated the KR Training schedule with most of the classes we plan to offer in Jan-May 2018. Registration is open in all of them.


New M&P Shield (1.0 version) 9mm with Dawson sights, Apex trigger.  Configured the same as my personal Shield.  $420.

Used Springfield 5″ XD with upgraded sights, trigger and slide release, with 5 magazines and holster – $400

Remington 1100 12 gauge shotgun, VangComp upgrade, ghost ring sights, extended mag tube, oversized safety, other internal work – $1000

Used 1911 Airsoft gas blowback pistol w/ 2 mags – $50

Used STI-style Airsoft gas blowback pistol w/ adjustable sights, 2 mags – $75

New V-line Deskmate Locking gun box – $150 (cheaper than Amazon price!)



As many of you know, another thing I do is perform music with bands.  I just finished up 21 shows at Santa’s Wonderland, a multi-million dollar trail of lights, with shops, food, live music, and many other activities.   Here’s are some video samples of our holiday cheer.



The Legacy of Ranching exhibit at the Bush (41) Library, curated by my wife Penny, is still open until January 7th.  I assisted with video production and contributed some pulp magazines from my personal collection to a display about Texas ranches in pop culture.

Both the ranching exhibit and Santa’s Wonderland will be open until January 7th. Santa’s is open every day, the Bush Library open every day except Christmas and New Year’s Day.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team