KR Training January 2022 Newsletter


January started off busy, with warm weather increasing requests for weekday private sessions and filling up weekend classes. Many classes in February have already sold out. We have added more sessions of popular classes and filled out our schedule through end of May. Upcoming classes with space available:





Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin. Any pistol course taught by in-house staff can count toward your elective hours.
Prices and registration links are at


If you are working to complete your Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin requirements, you should get registered for these upcoming March and April courses:

March 5 – Personal Tactics Skills (morning) and AT-2 Scenarios (afternoon)

These two classes are best taken together as a one day block. PTS teaches you what you *should* do in a variety of self-defense situations and improves your ability to quickly make decisions and take action. The AT-2 course is the course we are most known for nationally: “force on force” scenarios where Airsoft and Simunition guns allow students to experience full context scenarios working against live opponents. In my opinion this is the most important class in our program and will prepare you for actual incidents far better than the live fire courses we offer. We only offer the AT-2 class twice a year (spring and fall). DPS-1 is recommended as a pre-req but those with carry permits can also attend.

March 6 – Red Dot Pistol Essentials (morning) and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 (afternoon)

Red Dot Pistol Essentials will teach you the most important skills you need to shoot and draw a red dot sighted handgun. Loaner guns are available for those that don’t have a dot-equipped gun yet. The afternoon class, DPS-1, is being offered so that more students will be eligible to attend DPS-2 on March 12.

March 12 – Defensive Pistol Skills 2 (afternoon) and Low Light Shooting (evening)

DPS-2 picks up where DPS-1 ends. It focuses on shooting from cover, armed movement in structures (including a run in our live fire shoot house), malfunctions, reloads and other important skills. Low Light Shooting teaches handgun use and manipulation in low light. We only offer Low Light Shooting twice a year (spring and fall) do don’t miss out on this required challenge coin course!

April 9 – Defensive Pistol Skills 3

We only offer DPS-3 twice a year, and passing DPS_2 is required to attend. Passing DPS-3 is required to earn the challenge coin.

We are hosting John Murphy of FPF Training again this year on March 19-20. John’s signature course, called Street Encounter Skills and Tactics, is a truly integrated class teaching human behavior, managing unknown contacts, recognition primed decision making, and essential hands on skills (pistol, pepper spray, verbal and medical). This course has earned many accolades from other national trainers including Tom Givens.

The class is a 16 hour in person course supported by 5 hours of lecture material available on youTube (John encourages students to watch the videos prior to class.) It’s a tremendous value suitable for anyone that has taken our DPS-1 (drawing from concealment) course or higher level training.


Despite the challenges of COVID, 2021 was another great year for KR Training, with significant growth in the number of weekday private lessons. Thank you all for supporting our business! 12 more students earned their Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coins in 2021, completing more than 40 hours of training with us. Not counting students taught on the road or at conferences, we had over 800 student class registrations in 2021. Karl and John taught sessions at the 2021 Rangemaster Tactical Conference (and both are returning to teach at the 2022 event). Karl attended more than 140 hours of training, attending classes we hosted and online instruction from the Texas Bar Association and others. Many on the staff were certified by the Complete Combatant (Brian & Shelley Hill) in their Image Based Decisional Drills program as instructors, and we’ve incorporated that material into an updated Personal Tactics Skills course. Karl competed in the Area 4 Steel Challenge championship, winning Top Senior and placing in the top 3 in Open and Single Stack divisions. Karl and John Daub were guests on several podcasts in 2021.


In January 2020 I had the opportunity to perform with national touring drummer Tom Brechtlein who has backed up many top tier players (Robben Ford, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter). Over the past year I’ve posted videos from the best songs from that show to my youtube music channel. This one is my piano trio version of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On Your Crazy Diamond”, supplemented by some cool digital psychedelic video used under a Creative Commons license. Audio was recorded multi track from the soundboard and professionally mixed.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team