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Performing music 6 days a week (Mondays off) for most of November and December has kept me from writing new blog posts, but warmer than usual weather, steady interest in weekday private lessons, Monday lunch Coin Holder Clinics, and non-shooting classes on weekends have kept the A-Zone busy. We also added more road base to the front gate area, and in early January we will replace the front gate with something fancier (and automated).

Here are the classes we have coming up in Texas with space available. Don’t see the class you want here? Let us know. Many classes can be taught as weekday private lessons, or we can add it to the schedule if there’s enough interest.

Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin. Any pistol course taught by in-house staff can count toward your elective hours.

Prices and registration links are at



John Hearne is a longtime Rangemaster Instructor known for his deep thinking and insightful lectures. He’s been a frequent guest on some of the best firearms related podcasts and an annual presenter at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference. These courses are material he’s presented at TacCon multiple times. Because TacCon sells out so quickly, he’s bringing these one day courses to KR Training in January:

Who Wins, Who Loses and Why is a broad survey of the most current research into human performance during interpersonal conflict. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding how the human mind works in order to optimize performance and increase one’s chance of dominating a violent encounter. A preview is here in this Ballistic Radio episode

John Hearne Ballistic Radio episode 1

Great American Gunfights (Newhall and Miami) – This course examines two of the most significant law enforcement gunfights of the twentieth century – the Newhall Massacre and the FBI-Miami Firefight. Featuring a Powerpoint presentation with original crime scene photos, lengthy Powerpoint animations, video clips, forensic psychological analysis, and an extensive tactical analysis, the students will develop a comprehensive understanding of these events. The training implication of these lessons will also be addressed.

Newhall episode – John Hearne on Ballistic Radio
Miami episode – John Hearne on Ballistic Radio

These lecture courses are rarely offered, and are great material full of useful information. The Ballistic Radio episodes are just a preview of the course material.


Unless you spend all your time completely alone, understanding team tactics is a useful skill. Whether the people you are with are unarmed or armed, trained or untrained, they will be involved in any self-defense situation you might encounter. Our team tactics class focuses on two person team tactics, teaching skills for armed pairs, armed/unarmed trained pairs, and the most likely combination: one armed/trained, and others unarmed/untrained.

You don’t need to sign up with a specific partner. Individual students can attend and we will pair people up on class day. Even if you show up with a family member or friend with the intention of training together, we will be changing partners for some drills and exercises.


I listen to a lot of podcasts when I drive, as they often have better and more useful content than talk radio. Here are the gun-related ones I listen to, in no particular order:


Each year the Texas T-Birds band dons a holiday costume as “Doc Tictock and the Mistletoe Medicine Show”, performing every week at the 130 acre Santa’s Wonderland holiday theme park south of College Station. Last year Santa’s had more than 325,000 visitors. This year’s attendance has been just as good, so we will end up playing for 100,000 people or more during our 7 week run of Tuesday-Thursday shows. Here’s a video of us playing Feliz Navidad.


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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team