KR Training June 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training June newsletter!  July and August are hot so we are offering shorter and indoor afternoon classes, along with some shorter morning classes. We’ve added a LOT of classes to our July-September schedule. Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list.

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Deal #1)  Handgun Coaching & License to Carry on July 15 for $120 ($20 savings)

Deal #2) Wednesday afternoon 2 hour private lesson (3-5 pm) and evening (6-8 pm) USPSA Match – July 12 or 26 for $100 ($50 savings)

Deal #3) Defensive Pistol Skills Small Gun and Skill Builder Long Gun – July 29 for $100 ($35 savings)

For all deals – must pay in full in advance.


July 8th – Defensive Pistol 3
July 15th – Handgun Coaching (great for BP1, BP2, DPS-1 refresher!) and License to Carry
July 22nd – Handgun Beyond the Basics
July 29th – Defensive Pistol Small Gun & Skill Builder Long Gun
July 29th – Basic Pistol 1 (9-12, taught by John Daub)

Register here.


I have developed a new program called Historical Handgun, teaching the history of handgun training and skills, 1935-present. The full course is a 2 day program that I’ll start offering in 2018, at the A-Zone and on the road.  I’ll offer a 1/2 day preview of the shooting part of the class on August 12th, and a 1 day preview, co-taught with Tom Givens, on Monday Sept 18 after the Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor course.


You don’t have to be a USPSA member to attend. You don’t have be an experienced competitor to attend.
The summer matches are an excellent, new shooter friendly way to try pistol competition.
Summer USPSA matches will continue in July and August.  These are Wednesday evening matches.  We will start shooting at 6 pm but you can arrive as late as 7 pm and still shoot the stages.  After everyone has shot for score, additional runs are allowed for fun and practice.  Follow this link for more information about the summer matches. Matches are limited to 18 shooters so they run quickly.


I will be offering a weekday session of the NRA Pistol Instructor class July 19-20.  We are hosting the Rangemaster (Tom Givens) Shotgun Instructor class Sept 15-17, and I will be offering my Force on Force instructor course Friday, Oct 6.  Attendees of the FOF instructor course will need to attend the AT-2, Low light Shooting, and AT-5 classes scheduled for Saturday Oct 7 and Oct 8 as part of the full FoF instructor course. In January 2018 I’m hosting Massad Ayoob and Marty Hayes (Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network) teaching their Deadly Force Instructor certification course.


A student has guns and ammo from his father’s estate for sale.  Contact him for details.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team