Minimum Standards for Basic Pistol

Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor, shares our interest in defining useful minimum standards for different levels of pistol training.  Claude recently shared a draft of a new course of fire with us. It’s intended for students at the Basic Pistol 1 level, evaluating the abilities to shoot at 3, 5 and 7 yards, manipulate the pistol, and go quickly to target from different common ready positions.  John Daub recently discussed it on his blog.  A few weeks ago, we recorded some video of John running the drill, to add to our newly revived youTube channel.

Aside: The original KRTraining youTube channel is still live with content from 2008-2010, but due to no longer having access to the email account used to create it, and youTube’s nonexistent customer support, that channel cannot be updated.


This drill may show up in future sessions of our Basic Pistol 1, Handgun Coaching, and Basic Pistol 2 classes.

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