KR Training May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the KR Training May 2019 newsletter!

We’ve added more classes to our schedule through the end of the year and into 2020. Sign up now for any classes on the schedule by clicking the “Register” link at the top of the page. Check the schedule page on the KR Training website for the full list of upcoming classes.

Join Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics and Karl Rehn for 1.5 days of firearms and medical scenario-based training June 1-2, 2019. Test your skills and knowledge under pressure!


On June 1-2, KR Training and Lone Star Medics will offer a 1.5-day special event called Operation Analeptic with 2 instructors (Karl Rehn, Caleb Causey). This event integrates medical, firearms and tactics skills in scenario-based training. This event is suitable for those with training in holster use and a minimum of Stop the Bleed level medical training. Registration is open now. We have 5 slots remaining in this course. We’ve dropped the price to $325 since we scaled the event back to a 2-instructor, smaller class size event.


We have added a LOT of classes to our June schedule, including a new class, Top 10 Drills, that runs students through the 10 drills John and I identify in our book as an essential training set. The Top 10 drills class counts as elective hours toward your Defensive Pistol Skills challenge coin.

We are also hosting Hank Fleming to teach a 3-hour Glock Maintenance course.

June 22 we are running multiple sessions of Handgun Coaching, including two ladies-only sessions for those wanting individual attention, and a Texas License to Carry class. Having one or more family members get their carry permit and/or some handgun coaching might make a great Father’s Day gift.


In addition to everything else we have going on this summer, we’ll be running USPSA format matches most Wednesdays through Labor Day. Anyone that has completed DPS-1 or other classes using a holster can attend and new shooters are welcome. Details and dates here.


Lee Weems is part of the Rangemaster team of instructors, and he’s also Chief Deputy for his home county’s sheriff’s department in Georgia. Four of the top 5 scores on the Rangemaster Casino drill have been shot by deputies in his department who train with Lee on a regular basis. I’m hosting Lee to teach two classes at the end of June.

Social levergun/pump shotgun can be taken with either a lever gun (rifle or pistol caliber) or a pump shotgun. Manually operated guns are still popular, widely available, and will likely survive any future “assault weapon”/semi-auto long gun ban. Understanding how to run these guns well is a useful skill for any shooter. Trained shooters often end up coaching less trained or untrained friends and family to use these guns, so learning the best techniques is good information to have. If you have one of those guns in your own closet or gun safe and haven’t gotten to shoot it in a while, this will be a fun class with an entertaining and very smart instructor. Join us Saturday, June 29, for this class.

Deliberate Speed Pistol is a one-day pistol class teaching how to “shift gears” (similar to my Beyond the Basics course). Most people fire every shot with the same quality of sight picture with the same speed of trigger press. That is NOT what top shooters do. They do less sight picture for close/big targets, and more sight picture (slower, more precise) for longer, harder shots. Lee’s class is a full day developing that essential skill. We have a few slots left in that course scheduled for Sunday, June 30.


In response to multiple recent active shooter events, I have scheduled a 2-day session of the state-certified Active Shooter course for July 13-14. I am certified to teach the ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event (CRASE) lecture course. That lecture material is part of the full 2 day DPS course. Those who only want the lecture course without state certification are invited to attend the FREE lecture on Saturday, July 13. The lecture course is appropriate and relevant to both armed and unarmed individuals. Stay after the CRASE course for a FREE Stop The Bleed course.


I am available for private lessons on weekdays. Contact me to schedule.

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We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training team