Nebraska Training Classes Sept 2023

The nice folks that run Nebraska Shooters invited me to come teach three classes at their facility in September 2023. I taught my Force on Force Instructor course, a full day of Tactical Scenarios, and a full day of Advanced Handgun. Nebraska Shooters is run by Justin and Dorothy Grusing, supported by a large crew of assistants, offering everything from beginner classes and carry permit courses to NRA instructor training and all kinds of defensive firearms training. Justin and Dorothy were terrific course hosts and I really enjoyed my time training with them. I was busy teaching during the training days, but I did take some pictures and a few videos of the facility and some of the cool range props they had.

Justin and I spent most of my first day there building an outdoor shoothouse suitable for my Tactical Scenarios class. Here’s a video of the nearly-completed structure.

On their main range they had a whiteboard specifically designated to provide all the emergency response information. We are going to install something similar on our main range.

Every range needs at least one range dog. Hank attended most of the training with the humans.

This is their main square range, with a nice covered firing line. I should have taken a picture of the ceiling fans and rope lights they have mounted underneath their range cover.

At their range they are set up for all kinds of steel target and pin shooting and cowboy action fun. I took a few pics of their metal pin table to add to my to-do file.

The banner for their cowboy action club.

They have a very clever indoor-outdoor range setup. The tan conex box is open on the other side, providing a handful of covered firing points. Other conex boxes connected to the tan one run at right angles, and when the back doors of those Conex boxes are opened, they allow rounds fired through the conex boxes to impact in a berm. With the doors closed it can be used for airgun shooting in colder weather.

They have a very cleverly designed sixgun themed smoker, complete with iron sights on the top.

Lots of carnival style steel target range toys, including a few designed for shotgun use that throw clays after the steel activator is hit.

A beautiful view of the land around the range, from the back of their house. When I left Texas, it was over 100 degrees, and it was in the 70’s for my entire visit to Nebraska, giving me a nice break from the most brutal summer heat we’ve had in a long time, and a terrible drought.

They have invited me to return to teach more classes in 2024 and I look forward to my next trip to visit them!