Notes from private lessons, May 2017 (part 1)

I taught a lot of private handgun lessons over the past two weeks, and I wanted to share some of the observations and lessons learned from those classes, which I taught at KR Training’s A-Zone Range facility.  Private lessons are available, by appointment, on most weekdays and weekday evenings.  Often these take the form of private versions of our regular group classes, refresher lessons on group course material, or coaching to get graduates of those courses tuned up and ready for the next course in the series.


I had one student that had fired less than 1000 rounds of live ammo, in 10 or less live fire sessions (ever).  He had taken one basic class from another local instructor, purchased a SIRT pistol and a Glock 9mm.

He used the SIRT pistol and dry fired 10-15 minutes a day, every day for 3 weeks, before coming to me for a lesson.  As a result of that practice, his trigger control was excellent. We worked through drills from the Basic Pistol 2, Beyond the Basics, and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 classes, ending with some group shooting at 25 yards, which is something I don’t typically do with students at that level.  He shot a five shot, 3″ group at 25 yards from two handed standing, with standard practice ammo.

Dry fire practice works.