Notes from private lessons (part 5)

In addition to teaching group classes, I offer private lessons.  Here are some of the observations and lessons learned from those classes, which I taught at KR Training’s A-Zone Range facility.  Private lessons are available, by appointment, on most weekdays and weekday evenings.  Often these take the form of private versions of our regular group classes, refresher lessons on group course material, or coaching to get graduates of those courses tuned up and ready for the next course in the series.

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3 and part 4 of the series are here.

Recently on the KR Training Facebook page, I was asked about reasons why people would prefer private training to group classes.  Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Weekend workers.  Many businesses, particularly retail businesses, have their busiest days on weekends, making it hard to get away to attend group classes.  Customers in that category range from musicians (including members of touring bands), gun shop owners, police/fire/EMS personnel, and many different retail salespeople.
  2. Refresher/booster training.  Some students want a 1-2 hour session where they can review and refresh skills learned in classes, or get follow up training shortly after taking a group class, to correct a problem identified during the group course, without the time investment of re-taking the entire course.
  3. Special challenges.  Students with poor vision, limited dexterity, limited grip strength, small hands, limited mobility or other physical issues often find private training a better choice.  A private session provides more flexibility to spend as much time as needed, try as many guns, stances, sights, lasers, or whatever is required to find the best solutions for that student.  Often the amount of time and attention required is beyond what is available in a group class.
  4. Privacy.  Some of my private lesson students are individuals that do not want others to know that they are training or carrying.   That category, in the past, has included public officials (judges, public and private lawyers, officials with state agencies and universities), professional entertainers and athletes, reporters, teachers, nurses, doctors, and others in the public eye.
  5. Travelers & tourists.  I’ve done private classes for individuals and groups that were passing through the Central Texas area for business or pleasure, who wanted some training or a fun shooting session using our gear, with coaching.
  6. Nervous novices.  Many that are new to firearms want private training because they think that their level of inexperience will put them too far behind students in our most basic classes.  They don’t want to come to a group class and be ‘that student’ that can’t keep up, or makes a mistake in front of others.  Guns are scary and dangerous, and some students need a pre-class confidence building session to feel ready to attend a group course.
  7. The serious student.  I have several regular private lesson students who are very motivated, training hard on their own.  They contact me when they have specific questions or need coaching on specific skills, often connected with one of the many challenging standardized shooting tests used by many different schools.  Even my most advanced group classes may not cover the exact training they need.

I’m currently booking private lessons for the period July 10-August 31.  Weekdays (mornings, afternoon and evenings running as late as 9 pm) are available. One popular option is to do a private lesson the afternoon of a scheduled Wednesday night USPSA match at the A-Zone. Get 2 hours of coaching in, cool off in the AC and then shoot the match.